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Blogging is dead. At least for me. I really can’t pretend I’m going to update my blog anytime soon because I’m not feeling anymore like putting too much effort in long posts. Twitter and facebook let me share my life in a more immediate and faster way: I do not need to repackage all my experience into a blog post for the sake of it.
This basically means that if you want to follow me, you have at least to read my twitter profile (it’s like a blog, but the entries are shorter and more frequent and you do not have to join the service to read it) or subscribe to the corresponding RSS feed. Some updates will be automatically posted on facebook too. However, you will have the best experience by joining twitter and following my updates (maybe with an application like Tweetie). After all, honestly, RSS is dead too.
This is not a statement about WordPress per se: I love WordPress and I still believe that microblogging is not killing authentic blogging. I just do not see any future for a personal blog like mine, with few readers and barely interaction: I can trigger more conversation on facebook or twitter

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Ho deciso di non bloggare più. Non penso che abbia più senso fingere di poter riprendere a scrivere su questo blog quando è evidente che non ne ho nè il tempo nè la pazienza. Sia twitter che facebook mi permettono di rendervi partecipi della mia vita in modo più immediato e veloce: non c’è bisogno che mi metta ad ordinare e collezionare i momenti decisivi solo per proporli sotto un’altra veste.
Questo significa che se volete rimanere informati dovete perlomeno leggere il mio profilo su twitter (è come un blog, ma i post sono più corti ed immediati e non dovete iscrivervi per consultarlo) o abbonarvi al feed RSS corrispondente. Gli aggiornamenti più importanti saranno disponibili anche su facebook. Tuttavia, vi consiglio di iscrivervi a twitter e seguirmi con qualche tool come Tweetie, dopotutto, onestamente, anche l’RSS è morto.
Non intendo dire che i blog sono morti tout court. E personalmente continuo ad amare WordPress. Solo che il mio blog è sempre stato molto amatoriale, pochi lo leggono e ancora di meno scrivono dei commenti. Insomma, tutto questo non ha più senso per me se comunque genero più discussioni su facebook e twitter

Kings of medicine

Chinese wedding closet
Chinese wedding closet

I am blogging again almost one month after my last post and I am surprisingly a new man 🙂

The most important news has been shared weeks ago on Facebook: I’m officially engaged with Christian. I am not sure whether the terms engagement and wedding are appropriate for the civil union established here in Germany, but I think you know what I’m talking about.

Some other updates include me joining the SPD party about which I will blog later in connection with the upcoming European elections.

Works in our flat are proceeding and soon we will able to enter and personally check the status. In the meantime I have an almost uncontrollable desire to buy new furniture. A couple of weeks ago we ordered a Chinese wedding cabinet that apparently has been used also to shoot the season finale of Private Practice :mrgreen: As Italians say, style is not like water…

Battle for the sun

Battle for the sun
Battle for the sun

2009 is one of the best music year I’ve ever heard! I really don’t remember a more intense year.
After the first disappointment for U2 latest record, No Line on the Horizon, I started loving it and now I am looking forward to July 18 when I will attend their concert in Berlin.

A couple of weeks ago I also had the luck to see Snow Patrol and sense again that special feeling that comes from listening to live music. By the way, their last work, A Hundred Million Suns, recorded in Berlin, is a masterpiece.

On the other side, I gave up on Tori Amos and I didn’t even listen to her last album, the name of which I’ve completely forgotten 😦 I feel sorry for her, but she simply can’t compete with her past works anymore. Please, Tori, do a favor to yourself and retire.

Apparently Muse are also recording their newest album and touring Europe this fall and surprisingly Skunk Anansie are back with a best of… Better than nothing: I’ve always wanted to see them live, especially after I touched Skin’s boobs a couple of years ago. Don’t ask :mrgreen:

But the best has still to come… Placebo are releasing Battle for the Sun with the new line-up (i.e. new drummer). At first I was afraid, I was petrified, when I’ve been told Steve Hewitt was leaving the band. I always appreciated him, especially live. I thought it was the end of Placebo… and somehow I wasn’t wrong.
Last weekend I’ve been then given the chance, as a fan, to listen to the album before the official release (June 5th or 8th in different countries) and, wow, I couldn’t believe my hears. Wow, wow and double wow. To be very concise: great music, great lyrics and great performance. I think Brian Molko perfectly describes his band new masterpiece:

We’ve made a record about choosing life, about choosing to live, about stepping out of the darkness and into the light. Not necessarily turning your back on the darkness because it’s there, it’s essential; it’s a part of who you are, but more about the choice of standing in the sunlight instead.

And this is me. Exactly how I feel now.

For what it’s worth


While I am mainly sharing my life events on my @haikus twitter profile, which I suggest you to follow, I am still taking care of my beloved blog from time to time…
But the question is: why am I using twitter? I first used it almost 3 years ago to be able to quickly blog from my mobile phone while I was in holiday in Norway. Then a hiatus until more recent days when I discovered how to use it at its best.
Twitter is a way to stay in touch with my contacts: either via direct or public messages, it’s like the next generation SMS, for free 🙂 I might use it more often than the e-mail.
Twitter is a news reader: I can follow Der Spiegel in realtime as well as many other online newspapers: but sometimes an eye on twitter trends provides an even faster way to know what’s happening in the world. This is how I’ve got the news of the earthquake in Italy, for instance.
Twitter is a way to get answers: next time I need a new lens for my camera I can ask the twitter community for suggestions.
Twitter is fun: I’m following @greggrunberg, Heroes mind reader, and I am enjoying it a lot. Especially when he posts pictures like this :mrgreen: (apparently, alas, I’m not able to post pictures from twitpic, so here the link)

Nothing really matters

A couple of days ago I accidentally listened to this song by Madonna from her second best album, Ray of Light, her best being Confession on a Dance Floor.
The corresponding video is what, more than anything else, made my interest for Japan and Japanese culture flourish.

Speaking of which, I am probably going to the さくらまつり, the cherry blossom festival that will be celebrated next Sunday in Marzahn recreational park. I attended this kind of festival for the first time 3 years ago when I was visiting New York (more precisely Brooklyn botanical garden) and hopefully I will enjoy it in Berlin as well.
Another Japanese product I really love are anime, although I am currently watching only キャシャーン Sins and actually really close to the final episode. ilGrisa should read between the lines and understand that I need some suggestions for new anime (switching to ドラマ is not an option :mrgreen: ).


MUJI, my weakness
MUJI, my weakness

It’s almost Easter time. How do I know it? Well, the buses are almost empty in the morning: workers have already left the city and are enjoining a very long weekend (both tomorrow and Monday are bank holidays).
On the other hand, tourists are invading the German capital like a virus you can’t get rid of soon enough. Cough cough.

The weather is terrifically nice, even better than during the standard Berlin summer. Always sunny, nice breeze, even slightly warm in the night: this is probably going to be the best Easter ever. Hopefully we manage to have a barbecue party on Sunday evening in the Tiergarten…

Gays are to be found almost everywhere in the city this weekend: the Mr. Leather Germany has to be elected this year too. A must for the community 🙂
Bears are organizing the usual party too and even if we have been disappointed by the last ones, we are participating anyway. I still do not understand why it starts as early as 8pm… Come on, a party for adults, in Berlin, should not start earlier than 11pm! Whatever…

I think I didn’t mention it, but, yes, two weeks ago I officially signed the contract to buy our new flat. Wow, so exciting! In September we are going to move to Friedrichshain and leave West-Berlin for good :mrgreen: