Nothing really matters

A couple of days ago I accidentally listened to this song by Madonna from her second best album, Ray of Light, her best being Confession on a Dance Floor.
The corresponding video is what, more than anything else, made my interest for Japan and Japanese culture flourish.

Speaking of which, I am probably going to the さくらまつり, the cherry blossom festival that will be celebrated next Sunday in Marzahn recreational park. I attended this kind of festival for the first time 3 years ago when I was visiting New York (more precisely Brooklyn botanical garden) and hopefully I will enjoy it in Berlin as well.
Another Japanese product I really love are anime, although I am currently watching only キャシャーン Sins and actually really close to the final episode. ilGrisa should read between the lines and understand that I need some suggestions for new anime (switching to ドラマ is not an option :mrgreen: ).




It’s not secret I love Iceland, without having been there yet. If Christian agrees we might fly there next year, for our honeymoon :mrgreen:
Anyway, one of the best Icelandic products is music: Björk and Gus Gus to mention some. But my favorite Icelandic band is definitively Sigur Rós.

Hoppípolla is probably their most famous song and can be listened at the end of the trailer for Slumdog Millionaire. I’m not sure whether it’s part of the soundtrack as well since the movie has been released here in Germany just yesterday and I didn’t watch it yet.
Because of my friendship with Danny Boyle I might give this movie a try… No joking, I met him two years ago when he released Sunshine and said a stupid thing like

Everybody thinks that physicists cannot be handsome

I should let him know that

I’m a physicist. I have a working knowledge of the entire universe and everything it contains.

(thanks to The Big Bang Theory producers for letting people know this astronomical truth).



This is another song from No Line on the Horizon that I truly love. It’s great. It’s rock. And it feels new, fresh, finally catching the spirit of the new millennium (not really a U2 strength I would say).
And suddenly I found myself again. A big U2 fan, looking forward to the new tour, which will feature a 360° stage for more audience, for more participation… No other band can let you feel, that you too, you are part of it.

Other highlights of the week include:

  • Christian found a job and now he is working very hard for Bagel Company
  • We went to Hackescher Markt to watch Milk, which we both liked, although the beginning was quite tedious
  • At work I’m as busy as never before, but I enjoy it a lot
  • I finally watched the latest Heroes episodes: I didn’t dislike them, but still, the overall rating for this series is dropping lately
  • Dollhouse and Being Human are two series I started watching: the former is somehow intriguing, the latter, I don’t know, yet, I’m trying to finish watching the pilot first :mrgreen:
  • Ryanair is planning to let passengers pay for the on board toilet… Told ya!

Purple people

It’s no secret purple is my favorite color and it seems to be all the rage in fashion right now, but, much like fashion, design seems to be following the purple trend as well. I am probably going to paint some walls in a light purple or lilac in the new flat, but I am wondering whether it is going to look too… feminine…

Thunder wishes it could be the snow
Wishes it could be as loved as she can be
These gifts are here for her, for you, for me

Currently all my resources are being used for this project, for many reasons:

  • Since the budget is limited I need to make the right choice for almost all details: I can’t afford a second chance :mrgreen:
  • The flat it’s under renovation and I have to wait until this summer to use it and in the meantime I want to enjoy the furniture planning as much as possible
  • There are anyway many details that have to be fixed before I can really say I bought a flat in Berlin
Arbeit macht frei by Lugri
Arbeit macht frei by Lugri

Last Friday, however, I was too tired to think again at the perfect kitchen (probably modeled on Bree’s :mrgreen: ) and Christian and I spontaneously decided to go to the cinema and watch The Reader. I loved it! But it was very complex and I am planning of reading the novel it was inspired by.
Basically it’s about a almost pedophile relationship in West Germany between a woman and a young boy who reads novel for her. Years later he attends, as part of his law education, a trial in which the woman is involved for serving as guard at Auschwitz. He realizes then that she has a secret she considers worse than her Nazi past: she is illiterate.
I can only suggest it. But, yes, the movie is not enough: one should really spend time analyzing it… Or, as I decided and already mentioned, one should read the book instead.

Yes sir, I can boogie

Rainbow flag
Rainbow flag

I was writing this post when I got so much work to do that I couldn’t complete it before leaving for a romantic weekend (Valentine’s day anyone?) in Stockholm. Maybe I was planning to talk about other topics, but I simply don’t remember. What’s left are the following words.

Talks to find a good mortgage proceed almost flawlessly but making the right choice is always tough. Each offer has pro’s and con’s and since it’ about a lot of money I’m really scared… But luckily my family is supporting me as well as bank consultants.
Everyone was simply comfortable with the idea that Christian and I were moving in together as a couple, that we are building our future together in a new home, that we might even register our partnership… Btw, Monday we even went to the town hall to get all the necessary information.
I’m looking forward to watch the movie Milk.

Broken strings


I am finally (and slowly) uploading some photos to my flickr profile, for instance those taken in Paris. Hopefully you enjoy them :mrgreen:

Yesterday we watched Twilight because I feel some sympathy for vampires. However, it turned out to be one of the most boring movies ever. Yawn. What is the purpose of a vampire who doesn’t have any negative side? He is good looking, fast, powerful, he doesn’t melt under sunlight… Wtf? And his girlfriend… 😕 So far, the best spin-off of Dracula has been True Blood: hopefully I can soon enjoy the second season

Today I am a bit disappointed. For obvious reasons, my bonus is going to be ridiculous, the salaries are frozen and basically Nokia has to save money everywhere. Funnily this is not the reason why I have been told today that I’m not participating to Zell am See 2009 anymore… It just didn’t make sense to present an old product. Told them… Anyway, not too bad: I was not really feeling like going to an expo and smile to people for the sake of it. I am going to enjoy this weekend at the Grüne Woche fair and next one at the Lange Nacht der Museen even more.


Swinging Pino by Lugri
Swinging Pino by Lugri

Slowly I’m back on track: work emails have been answered, now I have to complete my tasks before I leave for Zell am See.

Christian and I had a great time in Paris. He have been there just once, when he was just a kid and didn’t remember much, which is why we had a usual touristic tour to begin with. We didn’t miss any important sight, such as le Louvre, Notre-Dame, Père-Lachaise, Montmartre and the Tour Eiffel, the top of which was unfortunately closed for maintenance. After some fitness time on its 700 steps I personally earned a big portion of Mousse de Canard, while Christian couldn’t get enough Flan Parisien :mrgreen:

Yesterday I selected some pictures to be published on flickr and I discovered that I still didn’t upload old ones from my visits in Hamburg (a few) and New York (2)! With the slow internet connection I have at home I don’t even know when I am going to fix this.

This week we will probably go to cinema to see either Twilight or Valkyrie, hopefully not Australia and I am playing with the idea of attending a couple of Berlinale screenings: I did it 2 years ago and I’d really like to repeat the experience.