MUJI, my weakness
MUJI, my weakness

It’s almost Easter time. How do I know it? Well, the buses are almost empty in the morning: workers have already left the city and are enjoining a very long weekend (both tomorrow and Monday are bank holidays).
On the other hand, tourists are invading the German capital like a virus you can’t get rid of soon enough. Cough cough.

The weather is terrifically nice, even better than during the standard Berlin summer. Always sunny, nice breeze, even slightly warm in the night: this is probably going to be the best Easter ever. Hopefully we manage to have a barbecue party on Sunday evening in the Tiergarten…

Gays are to be found almost everywhere in the city this weekend: the Mr. Leather Germany has to be elected this year too. A must for the community 🙂
Bears are organizing the usual party too and even if we have been disappointed by the last ones, we are participating anyway. I still do not understand why it starts as early as 8pm… Come on, a party for adults, in Berlin, should not start earlier than 11pm! Whatever…

I think I didn’t mention it, but, yes, two weeks ago I officially signed the contract to buy our new flat. Wow, so exciting! In September we are going to move to Friedrichshain and leave West-Berlin for good :mrgreen:


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  1. Muji is more than style, it’s more than furniture is a way of life … oh wait maybe I got confused with mujou (無常) …

    It’s because bears are old inside!

    a couple of corrections:
    to get rid of
    to start at 8pm already means something different from your intended meaning … you could say to start as early as 8pm.

    Also I find quite unusual to read fuck on your blog. The writing style doesn’t go well with that word, I think.
    A person I know from New York was using it every two words which was frigging annoying. I mean it’s not only matter of education or whatever it’s just that … remember “la mamma Mauri” and her “allora”? Same thing …

    1. @arry: yes, I bought the flat and I made a bank happy :mrgreen:
      @luca: Oops, I really didn’t see that bad typo (off instead of of).
      And of course you’re right with the 8pm thing… Damn.
      Bears are old inside, true again… D’oh!
      I had to read my post twice again to find the word fuck 😀 I actually wrote fucking nice because… well, I really wanted to express how exceptional the event is. I don’t remember such a nice April and a nice Easter weekend like this one.

      1. And you know you could have just said this is an exceptional Spring or something along the line. You can also add awful or awfully to express that something is exceptionally good. I’m sorry for all this fuck thing, I sound like a bigot, but seriously it didn’t match the wording of the post, it would have been like in Italian to be all polite and nice and all of a sudden shout out a blasphemy. Sounds unnatural and forced.

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