Kings of medicine

Chinese wedding closet
Chinese wedding closet

I am blogging again almost one month after my last post and I am surprisingly a new man 🙂

The most important news has been shared weeks ago on Facebook: I’m officially engaged with Christian. I am not sure whether the terms engagement and wedding are appropriate for the civil union established here in Germany, but I think you know what I’m talking about.

Some other updates include me joining the SPD party about which I will blog later in connection with the upcoming European elections.

Works in our flat are proceeding and soon we will able to enter and personally check the status. In the meantime I have an almost uncontrollable desire to buy new furniture. A couple of weeks ago we ordered a Chinese wedding cabinet that apparently has been used also to shoot the season finale of Private Practice :mrgreen: As Italians say, style is not like water…


6 thoughts on “Kings of medicine

  1. Prop 8!
    Palin: Marriage is the union between two unwilling teenagers
    Everything else is a slippery slop towards polygamy, incest and bestiality. (Especially bestiality.)

    Anyway … who’s getting married?

  2. Hi Pino
    nice blog!
    I am kind of curious…did you paint that wall purple, in the end?
    (mature plum purple is not too girlish a color, quite to the contrary…la classe non e’ acqua etc etc).

    StripedCat (on a post-refurbishing furniture-craving as well…)

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