Life in technicolor


I’m not busy with some advanced QCD theories and quark is, in my world, still a kind of cheese :mrgreen: Only ilGrisa would probably understand what I’m talking about. Or maybe not, at the end, I don’t even remember what technicolor is. I guess anyway that Coldplay, while writing this song, referred to technicolor movies instead of theoretical physics…

The last days were so emotional that I could assign a definite saturate color to each of them. From red to yellow, from blue to violet.

Is the color of blood, true blood. Like the new TV series I am following as suggested by both ilGrisa and my colleague Jeanny. Based on the The Southern Vampire Mysteries book series by Charlaine Harris, it details the co-existence of vampires and humans in Bon Temps, a fictional small Louisiana town. The series centers on Sookie, a telepathic waitress at a bar, who falls in love with vampire Bill.
Everybody knows I love vampires 😉 They are immortal, forever young and avoid the sun. Actually, I might be already one of them :mrgreen:

They had forgotten the first lesson,
that we are to be powerful, beautiful, and without regret.

Anyway, the series is quite addictive, full of romance and mysteries and both cinematography and acting are really really well done! I wonder whether they speak with a typical Louisiana accent. They have definitively a strong one, especially the African-Americans.

Like the fruit. Or like the Netherlands :mrgreen: of which I am truly missing Albert Heijn. No supermarket around my block offers the same shopping experience as AH. Kaiser’s is fine, Karsadt and KaDeWe are obviously over the top but too expensive, sometimes too small and not nearby enough for the daily shopping. But… but there is real,-. Usually too big for the city center, it is for instance in Spandau where I have been two weeks ago. real,- is for Germany what Esselunga is for Italy: a food paradise 😛 Don’t go there if you’re on a budget…

Is one of the main Xmas colors. This year I’m in a strong Xmas mood… One of the benefit of my relationship with Christian is that I cannot be lazy during the weekend. Since two weeks, in particular, we are spending a lot of time by strolling around different Xmas markets which are the main Berlin winter attraction. This is my fifth advent here but I don’t remember so nice markets! I almost don’t regret not visiting Scandinavia this time. Almost, because in fact I miss Stockholm a lot.
Anyway, our Xmas markets tour started one week ago when we first visited the Weihnachstmarkt am Roten Rathaus. This market used to be quite depressing, but this time has been improved a lot: I bought some Finnish honey there and I liked the skating rink.
Later we went to the probably biggest Xmas market in Berlin which is not in Berlin, but in Spandau :mrgreen: The old town around it is a wonderful set.
On the next day we went to the one at Alexanderplatz which looks more like an amusement park. I had my ride on a roller-coaster-like attraction and I felt simply great!
Last Wednesday we went to the Hanukkah market at the Jewish museum: it is rather small and surprisingly indoors but very very interesting especially the stand with kosher chocolate and dates spread 😛 I love dates!
On Sunday we went to the Xmas market at the Schloß Charlottenburg. Amazing! The product were rather standard and quite pricey but the location was simply perfect and mesmerizing. A must see for all the Xmas markets fans 🙂 I’ve been taking a couple of pictures there, but I don’t think they truly represent the feeling of being there.

Is the color the trees don’t have anymore. Winter is definitively coming. Today the weather is perfect: very cold, thin air, very clean and sunny. I simply love it.
Last Saturday was very nice too and in the evening, together with Andreas, a good friend of Christian’s who was visiting during the weekend, we went to the cinema to watch Mirrors. The plot sucks :mrgreen: but it succeeds in creating a very thrilling atmosphere. A nice movie, after all.

Because I have been blue many times last week. Different events triggered my sadness or melancholy… I’m just happy I am sorting everything out.

Like the sky in St Petersburg when I was there. Btw, I finally got my photo-blog-book: it is simply fantastic! I should have chosen a smaller font size for the text but it is overall a good product. The quality of the pictures is very good, the paper is amazing and very professionally bound. I can really suggest Blurb, especially if you are a flickr user.

It’s just my favorite color.


Crack the shutters

Yellow leaves IV
Yellow leaves IV

Last Sunday, as part of one of my birthday gifts, I went with Christian to the Berlin Japan Festival. It is basically a fair for Berlin or online shops which sell Japanese products, either traditional (on the ground floor), or modern (on the upper floor).
It was really interesting and I collected a lot of address for my next Japanese purchases :mrgreen: Even Christian fell in love with some Noren (暖簾)… We are definitively going to buy one for our new flat.
We also attended to a some shows: Kimono (着物) fashion, Japanese Women Choir and martial arts (I forgot which one, exactly).
The fair was hosted by the Postbahnhof (post train station), an interesting building itself.

Buy my book!
Are you looking for an original Christmas gift? Why don’t you buy my book? :mrgreen:
Like Bree published her first recipes book, I just released my photo book of St Petersburg, featured by my flickr pictures and my blog entries…
Just click here.

New York state of mind

IlGrisa left Amsterdam a couple of hours ago after buying for me the complete His Dark Materials trilogy: so nice from him! 😳 Now he’s on his way to Paris where he will visit some friends but soon again in Italy and then back home in New York City. It was great having him over the last few days: we had fun, visited lovely towns, watched nice movies and eaten good food (at least when I wasn’t cooking).

On Saturday we didn’t wake up too late to make the best out of the day or, at least, the afternoon. I had time to clean up a bit my place, I bought the last things I needed and then we went by train to Leiden, a small town, famous for its university, half an hour from Amsterdam. Because we were kinda distracted we wandered a bit before realizing we were on the wrong side of the train station :mrgreen: We managed soon to correctly get into the old town where ilGrisa had his first herring because he surprisingly couldn’t find any in Amsterdam. It was a good one, very fresh, especially compared to the bratwurst in Antwerp on Sunday, but this is another story. It was pleasant to stroll around although the center of Leiden was full of people because of the market. Luckily, when we were exactly in front of it, early in the evening, de Burcht (an old fortification) has been open to the public and we could climb on top of its small hill to get a breathtaking view of the town. After a very delicious latte with Illy coffee, on our way to the train station, we found these lyrics on a wall:

I don’t have any reasons
I’ve left them all behind
I’m in a New York state of mind

Later we went home for dinner and to finally watch the live action movie Nana. Please remind me to avoid any other live action Japanese movies :mrgreen: I really loved the story, the characters, their life and feelings, but the direction was utterly bad. I’m definitively going to watch the anime.

Peeping tom

I’m not a peeping tom. Ok, yes I am. But just a little bit, like all of us are, aren’t we? This is the reason why I was watching around for… some news :mrgreen: This post is then going to be something like a press review.

Code Geass
Finally some news on this front! On December 21 Bandai Visual will release a DVD with the first 13 episodes of the series and a promo video from the upcoming new season. Can’t wait! Read more…

The Fall 2007 Anime Season Guide
ANN just released this useful guide, but I didn’t check it out yet: I’m going to read it carefully this evening or later. Read more…

Design Bears
A nice review on the New York Observer about bears, growls, paws, design and Bear Flavoured. Woof. Read more…

Dumbledore is gay!

Unfortunately this post has been linked on the site of the Real Liberal Christian Church: please note that I don’t share any of their doctrines and absolutely not their vision of homosexuality. To summarize what I think about them, here again (and again and again and again) my beloved Margaret Cho

I politely requested the link to be removed but they just asked me to read another of their post in which they answer to a blogger who wasn’t as kind as me.
This is the most hilarious part:

About linking to your site, you linked to it from here yourself via your comment. Regardless, you are afraid that people will see our site and yours and change from the error that is your position. They will anyway. You can’t stop it. The truth is coming out. We think that, that change is marvellous.

The truth is coming out? Apparently the truth is gay too 😀

And now the original post:

I quote from my favorite Harry Potter site, Mugglenet:

The most notable news of the night was the revelation of Dumbledore’s sexuality. Jo says Dumbledore was gay and in love with Gellert Grindelwald. JK, in response to the audience’s reaction, said: If I had known this would have made you so happy, I would have told you years ago.

Now I understand why Dumbledore was so obsessed with Grindelwald. She could have explained in the book, though! It’s no use now…


Yesterday officially began my battle against Dutch bureaucracy: if the registration at the foreigners police was quickly and painless (beside the fact that I have to provide my birth certificate), the finance ministry probably doesn’t want my money because I have to wait August 10 to get my social number. The problem is, that until that day I can’t work, have a bank account and so on… Such a mess: it’s not really a good start. In my new home is almost everything ok but I still didn’t find a good place for my iMac. I even had a ride on the bike but I need to learn better how to drive it since it doesn’t have hand controlled brakes. I feel anyway, generally speaking, still a bit confused 😕

コードギアス 反逆 の ルルーシュ
Thanks to ilGrisa I finally found another nice anime: Code Geass. After the big delusion of Aquarion and the quite boring start of RahXephon I was wondering whether I could find something really well done. Series are always more complicated then movies: they might need more time to be interesting or they simply can lose their meaning after a couple of episodes. But this is not the case of Code Geass, which is terrific at the start and becomes more thrilling and exciting after each episode. I almost can’t wait to see the final episodes next week.

自分を 世界さえも 変えてしまえそうな
瞬間は いつもすぐそばに…

Jibun o Sekai sae mo Kaete shimaesou na
Shunkan wa Itsumo sugu soba ni…

The moment that seems to able to change me and even the world
Is always right by my side…

Harry Potter
Yes, one week after the 5th movie, I’m going to read the 7th and last book. I’m so excited. Luckily the bookshop close to my home is open tonight at 1 o’clock and I already ordered my copy 😛 The drugs do work.

Sleeping with ghosts

I was exceptionally considering a novel, À la Recherche du Temps Perdu (In Search of Lost Time), instead of a song to name this post after. If you had, like me, French literature at school or if you like to read something more boring than Толстой (Tolstoj), you probably know about this (seven volume’s) novel by Proust, in which the narrator experiences an awakening upon tasting a madeleine with tea (involuntary memory)

Elle envoya chercher un de ces gâteaux courts et dodus appelés Petites Madeleines qui semblent avoir été moulés dans la valve rainurée d’une coquille de Saint-Jacques. Et bientôt, machinalement, accablé par la morne journée et la perspective d’un triste lendemain, je portai à mes lèvres une cuillerée du thé où j’avais laissé s’amollir un morceau de madeleine. Mais à l’instant même où la gorgée mêlée des miettes du gâteau toucha mon palais, je tressaillis, attentif à ce qui se passait d’extraordinaire en moi. Un plaisir délicieux m’avait envahi, isolé, sans la notion de sa cause. Il m’avait aussitôt rendu les vicissitudes de la vie indifférentes, ses désastres inoffensifs, sa brièveté illusoire, de la même façon qu’opère l’amour, en me remplissant d’une essence précieuse: ou plutôt cette essence n’était pas en moi, elle était moi.

Luckily, I remembered quite soon that one of the best records by Placebo explains, more or less, the same concept related to the people who marked our lives

I’m quite used to those kind of sensations, especially when I listen to songs or when I look at pictures: the involuntary memory is the taste of my life. However, last week I experienced them in a more intense way.
Everything began, obviously, with a song I didn’t even listen to: last Sunday I was having breakfast with Erik & Jörg and we were listening to the new album of Sophie Ellis-Bextor (quite nice, btw) when another song of hers, Murder on a Dancefloor, jumped in my mind. When I was for the first time in Berlin, visiting Jens, we always watched MTV in the morning and, since the clip rotation is not really various on those kind of channels, we always managed to watch the funny video of that song which could be somehow considered ours.
It was such a nice time. I could even remember his skin’s scent, one of the things I always appreciated in him. Sometimes I still miss Jens, probably more what he represented to me, than himself.
On top of this I saw yesterday his ambulance when I had my brunch with Isabelle, Yosephine and Daniel (it’s not my fault if the best brunch place in Berlin is just 100 m distant from his home).
A couple of days ago even Jean-François wrote me: he’s thinking of me anytime he sees a mac (and considering that he owns 2 of them he should think of me quite often). Another involuntary memory…
Actually, memories are the most intense things I ever feel.
During the Tori Amos’ concert I was remembering the time when I listened to her songs the most. It was between 2000 and 2001, the last year I had classes at the college, when I officially met ilGrisa. I saw myself on the train to Genova, where I spent a lot of time because of Emanuele, listening to Tear in Your Hand… and I wished I could travel back in time to say myself that everything will be fine…