For what it’s worth


While I am mainly sharing my life events on my @haikus twitter profile, which I suggest you to follow, I am still taking care of my beloved blog from time to time…
But the question is: why am I using twitter? I first used it almost 3 years ago to be able to quickly blog from my mobile phone while I was in holiday in Norway. Then a hiatus until more recent days when I discovered how to use it at its best.
Twitter is a way to stay in touch with my contacts: either via direct or public messages, it’s like the next generation SMS, for free 🙂 I might use it more often than the e-mail.
Twitter is a news reader: I can follow Der Spiegel in realtime as well as many other online newspapers: but sometimes an eye on twitter trends provides an even faster way to know what’s happening in the world. This is how I’ve got the news of the earthquake in Italy, for instance.
Twitter is a way to get answers: next time I need a new lens for my camera I can ask the twitter community for suggestions.
Twitter is fun: I’m following @greggrunberg, Heroes mind reader, and I am enjoying it a lot. Especially when he posts pictures like this :mrgreen: (apparently, alas, I’m not able to post pictures from twitpic, so here the link)


Gib mir Sonne

This is my first post on my… tadaa… my new iPhone 🙂 I was really satisfied with the iPod touch that I realized I wanted the full experience: although I was not entitled to return it, Apple quickly refund my purchase and after visiting a T-Mobile shop I got this piece of cutting edge technology. Simply fantastic!
Speaking of Apple… Tomorrow, just because it’s my 30th birthday, Steve Jobs is going to present Apple new notebook line. It’s destiny: as if he knew you need some ideas for my birthday gift :mrgreen:

The wall
The wall

A couple of days ago I went to the main Nokia office in Berlin on Invalidenstr. for a meeting. Since I was a bit too early I decided to stroll around a bit. The area around Nordbahnhof is still a no man’s land: there is a weird emptiness between building blocks, the shops are rare and it’s far too easy to understand the former path of the wall.
In fact a Documentation Center exactly shows how the Berlin wall once looked like (I tentatively uploaded a picture). I visited this place already the first time I’ve been in Berlin: it’s quite thrilling, one can really figure out the sentinel patrolling the border…

Friday night I went to watch the movie Krabat with Christian at Potsdamer Platz. We were both excited to see a movie the trailer of which looked really promising… Unfortunately we were both disappointed 😦 After one and a half hour it was still difficult to understand what the movie was actually about. Then everything happen in the last 30 minutes and in a too easy way. It’s a German movie, I don’t know how far it will be distributed, but, just in case, don’t spend your money for it 😉 One of the main actors was Daniel Brühl: the world knows him for his role in Goodbye Lenin, I know him as a regular at Kuchi :mrgreen: Btw, afaik, he’s now busy with the filming of Inglorious Bastard, Tarantino’s next movie, for which Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are spending a couple of month in a villa at Wannsee.


Saturday was a gorgeous day! The sky was blue, the sun was shining, it was even warm! I then had the time for a short photo session around the Tiergarten. I’m trying to practice with my new camera 😉 Some results are at least pleasant, I guess.

On Sunday Christian and I had a late brunch at Morgenland but the cafe was so busy that we barely enjoyed it. We went then for a long walk around Kreuzberg 36: from Görlitzer Bahnhof to Halleshes Tor to Bergmannstraße to Mehringdamm. It was really cool and we visited a cemetery we accidentally found on our way: it was very nice and I was hating myself for not bringing my camera with me. Anyway, even more unexpectedly, I found a couple of famous graves: Carl Jacobi and Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy…
Later we rented a couple of movies: The Magdalene Sisters and The Happening.
The former is one of those movies I always wanted to see but somehow always missed and then totally forgot about. I really enjoyed it, especially the scene when a girl had the real chance to escape but gives in to Stockholm syndrome and turns back to the asylum.
I was expecting the latter to have some surprising twists, like in a usual Shyamalan movie, but it was not the case. It features a questionable ecological theme (maybe important for the American audience but quite disgusting for me) but also a creepy way to punish humanity for its sins 😕 I don’t know how to rate it: try it out for Halloween :mrgreen:

So unsexy

Friday was, thanks god, Friday :mrgreen: Obviously as busy as the rest of the week, especially because of the country I really despise: Portugal. Nothing personal against the nice Portuguese I know, but, to be honest, Portugal has always been sort of a curse for me: even when I was working for Jamba, I always had to help my colleagues to improve the business there. So annoying. Their language is also horrible 😕 Ok, it’s enough for today. Important is that now it’s everything fixed and I made a lot of Portuguese happy by offering them nice carnival ringtones. Yes, carnival, the event I despise the most. Even more than Portugal. Even more than Cologne. Mmm… Cologne, carnival, Rio, Brazil, Portuguese speaking country, Portugal… There’s an intelligent design behind this. Scary. What about Venice? Who cares? Venice is sinking. Amsterdam too. And you? What are you sinking about?

There’s something else I despise: Microsoft. And Yahoo!, although I moved my first steps on the web thanks to its directories. Other times. Now both companies are simply… Tasteless. Their products have inhuman interfaces full of colors and frills designed to be useful but totally unpleasant and unessential. No wonder that the first wants to buy the latter for more than 44 billion of US dollars (if I were Yahoo! I would prefer Canadian dollars though :mrgreen: ). Actually I would like to finally see someone able to fight against Google, which is, honestly, really everywhere. But I was hoping for something better than Microsoft+Yahoo! Too bad 😦 Anyway, why should I care if Microsoft buys Yahoo!? Well, because of flickr. I can, more or less, live with the fact that it belongs to Yahoo! but if it would be sold to Microsoft… Oh my god, no! I even have a pro account: will I give money to Microsoft then? I can’t sleep anymore.

Body and soul

I’ve been avoiding my blog a bit lately although I had a lot of small things to post about which I summarize here.

Pino and childSecret spell
The IT department of my company released this week the new version of our website and a lot of new features for our customers, which is why we had sort of a celebration on Friday. Everything started when we received a damn sweet piggy bank, oink oink. In the afternoon we could even enjoy a massage session: so cool! And later we had free drinks, cocktails and a small party in the office. I wanted to leave earlier to go to the Apple store and avoid the crowd for the release of Leopard but I got stuck with my colleague’s little child 😳 He’s so sweet! Joris took a picture of us, that I will post as soon as I have it.

You can bring your dog
I went to the Apple store short before 6pm to find it… closed. On October 26? Yes, temporarily closed to prepare the Leopard party at 6 o’clock :mrgreen: I waited then outside on Raadhuisstraat with all the Leopard enthusiasts and when I was inside I almost realized I couldn’t pick up my Airport Express while all the clerks were just selling Leopard, with their face painted like leopards and wearing leopard slippers 😀 Did I mention that it was all about Leopard? Well, eventually I played a bit with that wonderful OS: amazing! But I also managed to get my wireless router.

These days I’m in need of sugar, candies, whatever is stupidly sweet. Unluckily, I can’t find Chocomel Hot anymore by AH (if you don’t know what is AH, you’ve probably never been in the Netherlands) and I’m desperate. Chocomel Hot is the way to make a hot chocolate out of Senseo coffee machine, that I obviously never use for I don’t drink coffee. Actually is not the chocolate I used to drink in Italy (all the college students know exactly how nice is studying Theoretical Physics with a cup of Ciobar 😛 ), it’s just milk with chocolate flavor, but it’s so easy to prepare that I got used to…
Yesterday I then bought a huge pack of colored marshmallows: I was eating a couple of them when I read on the package

Not suitable for eating

What? My heart stopped beating: what was I eating then? I read it again and…

Not suitable for heating

Oh, heating!!! Damn ħ! Beside the marshmallows I also bought some candies my (yummy) colleague Pieter let me discover last week: Napoleon. They’re liquorice flavored (I love it) but inside there’s something liquid I couldn’t really understand. It tastes like liquorice, yes, but… Mmm… Lekker anyway. When I was eating one of them yesterday I realized that together with liquorice I tasted… ammonia! In fact they contain ammoniumchloride 😯

Yesterday I also watched TV shows and movies: Heroes was great and I loved to see Красная площадь (Red Square, Moscow, Russia) and now I have a new favorite sit-com, The Big Bang Theory 😀 I also watched the last movie by Ermanno Olmi: Centochiodi. It’s a very simple story the meaning of which is really hard to understand, though. Later I could enjoy the Director’s Cut of Death Note: a summary of its first 26 episodes with an alternative ending which I appreciated much more than the official one.

The lovecats

Finally is October 26, and Apple is going to release Leopard, latest version of the world’s best operating system… now even better! I still don’t understand why I should pay € 129, i.e. almost € 40 more than U.S. Americans: mmm I somehow feel like using my U.S. contact again :mrgreen: This evening I will visit the Apple Store in Amsterdam anyway because I have to pick up my brand new Airport Express after the old one simply died.

I can’t wait for the weekend: on Sunday I will probably visit another spot in the Netherlands while tomorrow… Dunno… I need some rest: I’m not sure what I need rest from, but also yesterday I fell asleep while watching TV. On the other hand I get up very early in the morning, like at half past six. IlGrisa would be delighted but it’s not my rhythm: I won’t mind to wake up early but I don’t want to fall asleep just after dinner 😦


I can’t really remember why I couldn’t finish this post yesterday: I was awake when I left the office, otherwise I couldn’t chat with ilGrisa on Skype, I wasn’t really busy otherwise I couldn’t chat with ilGrisa on Skype, so I guess I didn’t finish this post, otherwise I couldn’t chat with ilGrisa on Skype :mrgreen:
As you see it’s always ilGrisa’s fault…
Anyway… This is what I wrote yesterday

I’m continuously falling asleep

If you say I actually didn’t write anything you probably didn’t catch the intimate essence of what I was writing: I probably fell asleep right after typing that sentence 😉
I don’t know why I had this problem yesterday (and today a bit too). Couldn’t I wake up correctly because I went to the office by tram instead of by bike? Did I sleep even worse than usual? Did I go too late to bed? These and more questions scientists are trying to answer. They, indeed, already discovered the origin of our universe:

To stay awake I went out to feel fresh air (yesterday we were experiencing around 9 to 11°C) and to buy the Lonely Planet guide to Belgium and Luxemburg, which I’m going to visit soon. But it didn’t work out very well either.
I listened then to the new album by Stereophonics, Pull the Pin, which I didn’t find as bad as the first single, but recently I really enjoy more the Swedish band Kent and also Placebo have a big revival

You’d better keep it in check
Or you’ll end up a wreck
And you’ll never wake up
You’d better keep it in check
Or you’ll end up a wreck
And you’ll never wake up
Wake up

Later I went home, obviously by tram, and I suddenly remembered what I don’t like of Amsterdam: the public transportation system. Waiting for the tram could be the most frustrating experience ever: you basically whish you’re soaking wet biking under the rain instead of waiting for Taiwan to deliver the convoy you’ve been waiting for 😉
At home I had a very delicious dinner: I simply put together all the stuff I had in my fridge, whose best before date was approaching and… voilà… a perfect meal! 😛
After watching Steve Jobs presenting the new iPod line (I DEFINITIVELY WANT THE iPod Touch!) I had an anime-night with Death Note about which I will post later.