If there’s a rocket tie me to it

Color palette
Color palette

Busy days in the office: I have been screening competitors and writing reports and dealing with new tasks (or polished old ones). On top of that I also finally and completely moved out my flat in Charlottenburg during the weekend. My bones were still hurting yesterday 😦 ilGrisa is right: I need more sport. And since I’m not biking anymore like I did in Amsterdam, this is definitively an imperative. Jeanny, my colleague, on the other side, wants me to join her to Bikram Yoga. But I hate sweat. And, first of all, I’m lazy :mrgreen:

In the previous post I was blogging about the new record by Snow Patrol: well, I have some more news about them.
The song after which this post is named is probably my favorite of the whole album.

A fire a fire, you can only take what you can carry
A pulse your pulse, it’s the only thing I can remember
I break you don’t, I was always set to self-destruct though
The fire the fire, it cracks and barks like primal music

I also discovered that they recorded their new songs mainly in the famous Hansa Studios in Berlin. Like U2, David Bowie, Iggy Pop and others before them.
They even released an iPhone application with lyrics, interviews and all kind of bonus materials: why should I buy the CD if I can have the whole experience on my iPhone instead?
Next Monday I will attend their concert here in Berlin: finally a concert after a long time without any live gigs!

Tomorrow Thursday is Christian’s birthday and we will visit his parents during the weekend… Hopefully we will have the chance to visit Frankfurt too, this time. I desperately need to discover Germany a bit more. Frank will be with us when we drive back to Berlin.

Back in Berlin on Monday, after the concert on Monday evening, I will go to London on Tuesday for business reasons. I’m not comfortable with London. Not because I had the chance to go to India instead, but because I feel London too overpopulated (ok ok, India is even more overpopulated). Anyway, I will try to have some nice time there too between workshops, meetings and travels to and from the airport :mrgreen:

This week, because of elections, I guess, some US series will not be aired. Most notably Heroes, which is improving after a tepid start… Desperate Housewives is improving too but I still don’t like the whole mystery-thing. Let’s see… Bree still rocks much more than anyone else.
Last Friday I was watching Private Practice, which is not the best product ever but makes me cry anyway 😳 While watching it I felt simply good… Sans souci.

I was planning to spend some words about US elections as well as Prop8, but I don’t have time now… Let’s hope for the best, while I go buying the last things for Christian’s birthday.


Geile Zeit

Birthday cake
Birthday cake

I have been sick. Already before my birthday party I was not feeling very well, but after the party I officially collapsed and only a couple of days ago I was healthy again. To prepare myself for the winter I got yesterday a flu shot, kindly sponsored by Nokia, directly in our office.

The party itself was great! It didn’t started very well because my sister had to bring loudspeaker and amplifier for the music but she was terribly late… Eventually everything worked out very well and everybody had fun: the music was nice and the meal very delicious.
However, I guess I will never have such a big party again :mrgreen: too much stress.
On the other hand, I received also many gifts: some perfumes, different Japanese food specialities, two tickets for the Berlin Japanese Festival, one for the Chippendales show, books, sweeties, gift cards for MUJI…

Now the weekend is approaching again and hopefully I’m going to take some pictures at the Festival of Lights which is closing exactly tomorrow. I’m also trying to rent my old flat in Charlottenburg and tomorrow I have to show it to a couple of people.
I hate people. People are stupid.

Black or white


I’m blogging again from my iPod Touch: Christian is lying next to me while watching TV. I just called Alice (my Internet provider) to cancel my subscription.
No actually I’m at the bus stop after almost a week since I started writing this post 🙂 And now on the bus heading to the office. The embassies of the northern countries are on my left, the Siegessäule is in front of me, gold as usual. It’s fall and the Tiergarten is mostly yellow: it’s fantastic.
Fall is my favorite season. It has been always like that, mainly because it was the season to go back to school and it was the time for my birthday… and presents :mrgreen: Now… I don’t want to turn 30. I have the feeling of having failed being where I wanted to be. Of course it’s not true: the last 10 years were memorable and I don’t regret anything, but still… It’s just a bad feeling.
Btw, Saturday was ilGrisa’s 30th birthday: happy birthday with a bit delay from my blog too 😛
As I was writing, I canceled my honorable Internet subscription (if you ever need one in Germany ask for Alice), I’ve been confirmed that I have to leave my flat before December 31, I’m looking for someone to buy some of my furniture. Everything must work out just fine.

10 days ago Erik was visiting and we had a great U-Bahn-Cabrio-Tour: I’ve been given so much information about the Berlin metro system that I’m not sure I remember all of them. I should have taken some notes :mrgreen: The most remarkable curiosities were obviously those connected with the wall that formerly dived Berlin in two. In fact, some U-Bahn lines that started and ended in West-Berlin, didn’t stop anywhere under East-Berlin, creating a wide range of ghost-stations. Nowadays those station are open again but a set of shields, like the one I managed to take a picture of, remember that past. They feature a list of German words that start with über-, most notably the word Übergang, which means passage, transition. Übertroffen, btw, means excelled.

Schloss Pfaueninsel
Schloss Pfaueninsel

During last weekend, Christian’s former colleague, Manuela and her boyfriend Roger were visiting. This is why we went yesterday for a short trip to the Pfaueninsel (Peacock island), a small island on the river Havel, much closer to Potsdam than to Berlin city center (almost inaccesibile because of the marathon which set a new world record, btw). I always wanted to visit it because I’ve been told it is gorgeous and, in fact, it is: at least for the high number of peacocks after which the island is named :mrgreen: Curiously they didn’t have any tail to show… Probably because it’s not the mating season? I should understand this better.

The TV series season has officially begun: Heroes rocks as usual, House M.D. is still on the way to be sadly abandoned, as well as Grey’s Anatomy, Desperate Housewives started yesterday and I still can’t say anything, The Sarah Connor Chronicles is well done but it could be spicier… What else? Ah of course The Big Bang Theory, a very funny sit-com: the second season start has been even cooler that the first.
In the meanwhile, one of my favorite anime, Code Geass has come to an end. With a great cliffhanger that I could have appreciated better if I were watching the episodes all together instead of following the weekly Japanese broadcast. Still, I loved it. Another example of how Japanese products are much better than American :mrgreen:

Are you gonna eat it?
Eat your brain? Claire, that’s disgusting.

With my iPod Touch (ok, I stop advertising Apple for free) I can really follow a bigger number of TV series and still find time to watch movies with Christian. We are really addicted. I just have to be sure that he doesn’t choose too many titles: the last one, The Cavern, was probably the worst movie I have ever watched. Yesterday we had Juno, but I was expecting much more than what I got. A sweet movie, yes, but… There’s much better.

I’m not done yet 🙂 Today I’m definitively in blogging-mood. And now it’s about politics, one of my favorite topics. Yesterday was a big day, finally the CSU egemony in Bavaria had an end. Ok, they still rule the Bundesland, but for the first time after 46 years they don’t have the absolute majority. On the other hand, in Austria, right-wing extremists got almost 30% of the votes. Wow, that’s a lot! Luckily the 2 parties were not allied, which is why this result is only theorethical, but it’s still a sign.
What should we expect from the US, for instance, in November? I mean, did you ever listen to any interview with Sarah Palin? I thought she was just evil, but no, she is also a moron. How can people seriously vote for her? If McCain won the election, she would be VP of the US! Someone who claims to be good ad foreign politics just because Alaska is between two foreign countries 😕 Wtf? Well, at least, now also US have their countrepart of Mara Carfagna :mrgreen:

Everything is bright

Wow, it’s been a while since my last post! I’m really sorry, but I couldn’t find much time for blogging lately. The world didn’t end either, for my last post I just used the opening song of Code Geass the nice video of which can be watched hereafter:

Generally speaking, my life is quite normal nowadays: the job is fine, the time with Christian is always exciting and I’m fully healthy. However, I feel sometimes a bit apathetic, maybe because I need a short break and just… sleep :mrgreen: I also need some new music, new movies, new TV series…
In the meantime I’m organizing my 30th birthday party all my regular readers are invited to. In case you didn’t receive the invitation yet, just click here and confirm your presence.
So far so good…


Eventually, I wasn’t that busy today as I planned (my only meeting will be at half past 4), which is why I decided to respect the Dutch tradition and buy some cakes for my colleagues. Conveniently, today was my colleague Bart’s birthday and we went by bike to a nice shop on Kinkerstraat, Multi-Vlaai, which has a nice and quite big offer in cakes and pies. We just eat them all and the one Bart chose, Slagroom vlaaitaart, was actually the most delicious: I had two pieces 😛 Mmm, lekker! Now I really need some tea because I’ve been eating too much these days. This evening I will fall asleep during the test, I know 😀

Precious illusions

Yesterday I woke up at 10 and with Vincent’s help I managed to clean and tidy up everywhere very quickly. It was definitively a good idea to invite such a Bree-guy like him :mrgreen: We had then a very good (hypercaloric) breakfast and later a nice walk through the Erasmuspark, a very small but lovely park just round the corner. The weather was so nice last weekend in Amsterdam: sunny, no windy, almost warm; mild autumn days are my favorite. Yesterday I was also quite nostalgic, especially when Vincent left Amsterdam too…
At home, I watched a very nice Italian movie, Mio Fratello è Figlio Unico (My Brother is an Only Child), about the Italian politic situation during the sixties: it somehow looks like La Meglio Gioventù (The Best of Youth). I really loved the character of the mother, played by a really good Angela Finocchiaro, with her strong North-Italian accent contrasting all other characters’: she looked like my mother in most part of the movie 😉 I can just suggest this movie to anyone.

Darts of pleasure

As many of you already know I just turned 29 or, from an even worse point of view, I just entered my 30th year of life…

I’ve been very busy in the last couple of days because a technical problem was discovered at work and I have to fix it the best I can and finally start with the business plan. This is the reason why I’m going to be involved in different meeting tomorrow before I head to the Universiteit van Amsterdam to prove my elementary Dutch knowledge and start as of November 5 the not-so-elementary-but-also-not-really-intermediate language course.
From Tuesday until Thursday I will also be out of Amsterdam (but not that far, just in the countryside) for a power of communication workshop. As far as I understood I will have my own room and probably an Internet connection which is why I won’t be totally eclipsed. For your own sake :mrgreen:

Next week will be then as hectic as last one when, beside the problems I experienced at work, I’ve been also busy preparing yesterday’s dinner for my best friends. I came up with the idea when my sister brought pizzoccheri from Italy last August, a North-Italian dish even most Italians don’t know: a flat ribbon pasta, made with buckwheat flour, cooked along with savoy cabbage, cubed potatoes, layered with pieces of (bitto) cheese and dressed with garlic and sage that are lightly fried in butter together. I really had hard time finding all the ingredients: I bought the cheese in Italy two weeks ago and, while I didn’t find the savoy cabbage, I had to use spinach instead. Eventually, with Vincent’s help, I managed somehow to cook my dinner :mrgreen: I was so excited and anxious: I never cooked for 5 people (Erik, Jörg, Krijn, Vincent and me) 😕 I guess they really appreciated the dates (the fruit, I mean :mrgreen: ) filled with mascarpone, but I hope they enjoyed their time as I did.

Ich heiße Superfantastisch
Ich trinke Schampus mit Lachsfisch
Ich heiße Superfantastisch

I also received a lot of nice presents: flowers (I was wondering why I never buy them and, voilà, Erik and Jörg read my mind and bought some for me), a lollipop with a cuuute bear, speculaas cake and cookies, a lunch box (I was going to buy two weeks ago in Italy but it was out of stock 😀 ), a nice tool to let appear virgin Mary’s face on toast bread (too cool, already used for my breakfast today), a fashionable high heels shaped door stopper and a tool to make easier dealing with chopsticks… Wow, definitively too much! The good time I had was already the best present I had to celebrate my birthday. Thanks, thanks, thanks! Jörg obviously took some pictures I’m looking forward to see :mrgreen: you can see here.

Oh yes, I personally believe… that the true star of the evening was she