Around the bend

Today I feel a bit lazy, I’m probably still hibernating… But I didn’t miss this fantastic Dutch commercial which isn’t really kind to Italians :mrgreen:

For those who don’t speak either Italian or Dutch: some pizzeria owners are rude with a Dutch family under the mistaken assumption that they don’t speak Italian… But, you know, Dutch have become smarter. Did they?


Material girl

names by xkcd
names by xkcd

Once again I’ve been ignoring my blog for far too long :mrgreen: Apparently my social life is now much more busy than my virtual one… This is a very positive thing, of course, but I feel like I’m neglecting my readers too.

I don’t really have big news: I am very busy at work (today I got my new business cards, they look lekker 😛 ), I am waiting for Heroes to begin next week and… oh yes, this is important, I am going to live with Christian. This is actually not a big deal because I am always at his place anyway 🙂 Let’s see how things turn out.

Beside this, I went to the probably worst bear party ever a couple of weeks ago, but at least I met there some nice people. Last week I finally had a dinner with Desi too: Tessa was also there, fresh married with her Icelandic boyfriend… Everybody were already wondering when Christian and I were supposed to marry too :mrgreen:

In two weeks I will visit Amsterdam and I’m sooo excited! After all, I miss Amsterdam a lot. In the meantime Erik is going to visit me during this weekend: it’s been a while since last time we saw each other… We will have a U-Bahn Cabrio Tour tomorrow: basically we will travel with a special underground train and watch the Berlin tunnels from a different perspective. Since my camera is broken, I will use Elisa’s Canon…

Some days ago, Christian and I had a sort of Movie-Weekend during which we watched Cloverfield (the sci-fi-catastrophic version of The Blair Witch Project), El Orfanato (very intriguing), El Laberinto del Fauno (yes, again, for Christian didn’t watch it yet), The Mist (I must confess I loved it) and another one I didn’t really like which is why I don’t remember the name.

Margaret Cho rocks!

Tired of being an object?

It’s gay pride weekend in Berlin, better known as CSD – Christopher Street’s Day, for obvious reasons. It will be the 30th held in Berlin and for the first time after several years, the parade will change its route: it won’t start at Ku’damm but at the Rotes Rathaus, connecting the former East and West part of the city. Will Wowi be there too? 😉
Speaking about Berlin, I had yesterday a meal with Berliner Bouletten (meatballs) and I proudly bought a barbecue sauce by Heinz (the best) to enjoy them better. Today I discovered I should have boycott Heinz because they accepted to ban this tv ad upon protests of only 200 people:

The actors’ British accent is the only reason I see to ban it :mrgreen: Apparently the GLBT community may at least watch this one instead:

Sound of drums

Honestly, sometimes I think that my life without blogging would be much more relaxed. Yesterday for instance I was simply looking forward to eat my mozzarella and watch some episodes of Nana (just 3 left!): I just didn’t feel the stress of sharing my experiences about the past few crazy days. But then I thought about all my readers, how happy they make me by reading and sometimes commenting my posts and suddenly blogging made more sense: a way to thank them for the attention they give me. Mental masturbations…

Last Sunday, after a good lunch, I went shopping again for a short time with Elisa and she finally found her new boots. Unfortunately, far too soon we had to leave the town to catch the train to the airport: I really had a great time with her! On Monday… well… my life changed again, but I don’t wanna talk about it yet. Not here, not now…

On Tuesday the day at work was quite standard but in the evening I went to Utrecht (which I’m probably intended to visit only by night) for the Kula Shaker concert. The location was really nice, because I could go upstairs, escape the crowd and the smoke; it was just ridiculously small. The supporters, a Dutch band called Ponoka, weren’t too bad but after 45′ I couldn’t stand them any longer :mrgreen: The drummer looked quite interesting, though… At the very beginning I thought my English was very bad because I couldn’t understand a word the singer said to the audience, later I realized he was talking Dutch 😀 Kula Shaker performed almost flawless a lot of different songs: some of my favorites like Mystical Machine Gun, some rock tracks like 303 and some psychedelic like Hurricane Season which was the best of the whole concert. I was back home quite late and I went to bed at 3 o’clock; no wonder I was really sleepy at work yesterday :mrgreen:

Wake up

I almost never celebrated Valentine’s day. Exactly 10 years ago I had my family outing and although I broke my mother’s heart, she had some Baci Perugina for me 😛 My relationships never survived long enough to celebrate this day with someone, until I met Emanuele (I think this is his name) who had a fight in a restaurant in Pavia which had a special offer for lovers but refused to apply it for us… I suddenly felt like the only gay in the village 😕 One year later I met Jens on February 16 which is why we only celebrated once and just for our anniversary. The last time we went for a memorable week in Moscow, such a great city! Sometimes people ask me whether I prefer Moscow or St Petersburg and it’s difficult to give an exact answer. The beauty of St Petersburg is unrivaled, but Moscow is not bad either (its Kremlin is astonishing) and it’s far more lively. But in Moscow I met some friends and I could enjoy some local life in a better way than I did in St Petersburg: two different experiences in two completely different cities. Russians should be proud of both anyway.

Speaking about Russians…

Sveta: Do you usually wake up straight?
Me: No, I always wake up gay :mrgreen:

We were talking about the time we wake up in the morning: I’m almost always the first in the office but today she started far earlier than me and she was wondering whether I could wake up easily or whether I need some time to come back to live… The question was anyway very hilarious 😀

Gimme more

It’s Britney, bitch

No, it’s not Britney, it’s Pino, back blogging after some time off: I’m sorry I couldn’t bother you with my posts for a while, but I really had a lot to do at work and I spent my time at home mainly watching the anime Nana about which I will blog soon (I keep saying that, I know). Anyway, this is how I completely missed one week of stupid anecdotes on my blog 😦 I was supposed to write a post for each day but, honestly, I will never manage to fill the gap which is why I’m going to keep the long story short.

On Monday I was as busy as never before: it was the big day of reporting, as usual, my new colleague, Isabelle (this is a Dutch Isabelle, non the French one I had in Berlin), started working and needed some training and in the late afternoon we also had a big important meeting I couldn’t avoid. When I went home, really late, I was exhausted. But still the situation at work was already slowly improving: Isabelle has proven to be really independent and I could forget about Norway and Finland in just one day, on the other hand my boss probably read my blog and decided I was done with Portugal. It was the biggest relief ever. So now I’m really into the Swedish culture and I love to read local newspapers or news about Sweden, like this one about IKEA terminology (from The Guardian):

Sofas, coffee tables, bookshelves, media storage and doorknobs are named after places in Sweden (Klippan, Malmö); beds, wardrobes and hall furniture after places in Norway; carpets after places in Denmark and dining tables and chairs after places in Finland. Bookcases are mainly occupations (Bonde, peasant farmer; Styrman, helmsman). Bathroom stuff is named after lakes and rivers.
Kitchens are generally grammatical terms, and kitchen utensils are spices, herbs, fish, fruits, berries, or functional words such as Skarpt (it means sharp, and it’s a knife). Chairs and desks are Swedish men’s names (Roger, Joel); materials and curtains are women’s names. Children’s items are mammals, birds and adjectives (Ekorre is a set of children’s toy balls; it means squirrel).

Fantastic, isn’t it? Obviously I already understood a kind of a pattern behind the names of IKEA products, but I wasn’t expecting something that precise and elegant.

I don’t really remember what else happened last week worth to be mentioned. The weekend approached really fast and somehow also a spring feeling: since last Saturday the days are really sunny and almost warm. Which is why I really enjoyed shopping with Sveta in the city center: first at the Bijnkorf then at the manga shop on Zeedijk and finally we had a drink at Latei. On Sunday I enjoyed the sun again by waking up very early and in the afternoon Jörg visited me to bring some chocolates from Paris. Mmm delicious! When the sun set down, Krijn, who was supposed to watch with me some anime on Saturday night, texted me: we were invited by Erik to see 30Rock, a really funny sit-com. After some episodes and a couple of glasses of delicious chocolate liqueur another weekend was far too fast over.

People are strange

As I said in the previous post, I had a lot to do in the office on Thursday: I was anyway supposed to stay a bit longer and go to the cinema with Erik to watch Mio Fratello È Figlio Unico, but I though I could have used the extra time to blog, browse on Internet or eat a little bit; eventually I had to work until the last minute available to be in time at the appointment. When I was picking up my bike it was raining like hell (does it rain in the hell?) and I was swearing in all the possible languages: if only I could have left 5 minutes earlier I could have avoided the shower. So ein Pech! 😡 Despite the averse weather conditions, the homeless woman who uses to be on the bridge close to my office was singing her song of the day:

People are strange when you’re a stranger,
Faces look ugly when you’re alone.
Women seem wicked when you’re unwanted,
Streets are uneven when you’re down.

I was expecting her to sing all songs but those by The Doors! It was a really weird feeling: I still feel like a stranger in Amsterdam and I especially feel other people eyes on me, peering at me, checking what I’m doing, how and why and how dressed… But

When you’re strange
Faces come out of the rain.
When you’re strange
No one remembers your name.

I really miss Jim! Jim come back! I used to visit his grave in Paris some years ago, but it has been a while since my last time at Père Lachaise…

The movie was great; I especially loved Accio’s mother who looked like mine: simple and desperate, but intrepid and determined. The audience was really amused, as if the movie were funny, which is why I was wondering whether foreigners couldn’t understand how realistic it was. Erik told me yesterday that, actually, that was exactly the image Dutch have about Italians: dramatic.
The most funny thing was after the movie: we had a drink together (if tea is a drink) in the cafe of the cinema when a gentle female voice announced

In a couple of minutes we’re going to show you the movie Mio Fratello… Mio Fratello… en dan nog wat (=…and something)

Too funny! Also the movie’s soundtrack deserves a mention, with Nada’s successes: Ma Che Freddo Fa (also featured in La Finestra Di Fronte) and Amore Disperato (please compare her hairstyle in the two clips).