Nothing really matters

A couple of days ago I accidentally listened to this song by Madonna from her second best album, Ray of Light, her best being Confession on a Dance Floor.
The corresponding video is what, more than anything else, made my interest for Japan and Japanese culture flourish.

Speaking of which, I am probably going to the さくらまつり, the cherry blossom festival that will be celebrated next Sunday in Marzahn recreational park. I attended this kind of festival for the first time 3 years ago when I was visiting New York (more precisely Brooklyn botanical garden) and hopefully I will enjoy it in Berlin as well.
Another Japanese product I really love are anime, although I am currently watching only キャシャーン Sins and actually really close to the final episode. ilGrisa should read between the lines and understand that I need some suggestions for new anime (switching to ドラマ is not an option :mrgreen: ).


One thought on “Nothing really matters

  1. Why is switching to ドラマ not an option? Since I started watching ドラマ I lost almost all interest in アニメ.
    I could suggest you a couple of good ドラマ depending on what you want to watch, but anyway talking about アニメ the Spring season just started and there’s the usual anime preview on ANN.

    Also could you write Sakura Matsuri in kanji 桜祭 ?… it sounds better this way …

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