For what it’s worth


While I am mainly sharing my life events on my @haikus twitter profile, which I suggest you to follow, I am still taking care of my beloved blog from time to time…
But the question is: why am I using twitter? I first used it almost 3 years ago to be able to quickly blog from my mobile phone while I was in holiday in Norway. Then a hiatus until more recent days when I discovered how to use it at its best.
Twitter is a way to stay in touch with my contacts: either via direct or public messages, it’s like the next generation SMS, for free 🙂 I might use it more often than the e-mail.
Twitter is a news reader: I can follow Der Spiegel in realtime as well as many other online newspapers: but sometimes an eye on twitter trends provides an even faster way to know what’s happening in the world. This is how I’ve got the news of the earthquake in Italy, for instance.
Twitter is a way to get answers: next time I need a new lens for my camera I can ask the twitter community for suggestions.
Twitter is fun: I’m following @greggrunberg, Heroes mind reader, and I am enjoying it a lot. Especially when he posts pictures like this :mrgreen: (apparently, alas, I’m not able to post pictures from twitpic, so here the link)