This is another song from No Line on the Horizon that I truly love. It’s great. It’s rock. And it feels new, fresh, finally catching the spirit of the new millennium (not really a U2 strength I would say).
And suddenly I found myself again. A big U2 fan, looking forward to the new tour, which will feature a 360° stage for more audience, for more participation… No other band can let you feel, that you too, you are part of it.

Other highlights of the week include:

  • Christian found a job and now he is working very hard for Bagel Company
  • We went to Hackescher Markt to watch Milk, which we both liked, although the beginning was quite tedious
  • At work I’m as busy as never before, but I enjoy it a lot
  • I finally watched the latest Heroes episodes: I didn’t dislike them, but still, the overall rating for this series is dropping lately
  • Dollhouse and Being Human are two series I started watching: the former is somehow intriguing, the latter, I don’t know, yet, I’m trying to finish watching the pilot first :mrgreen:
  • Ryanair is planning to let passengers pay for the on board toilet… Told ya!