No you girls


Through iPod commercials I always discovered new music (Cansei de Ser Sexy and The Asteroids Galaxy Tour to mention a few), but this time it’s not the case: in fact, Franz Ferdinand are already on the list of my favorite bands. However I should admit that thanks to the iPod touch commercial I rediscovered No You Girls from their last album.
Speaking about music, I bought last week my ticket for the U2 gig in Berlin on July 18th… Yeah! Can’t wait to be there, once more time, at the Olympiastadion. I will be having a great time I know.

After all, U2 always loved Berlin, at least since their albums Achtung Baby and Zooropa. And they are not the only ones who love the city I live in. I love it too :mrgreen: This is not a big news, I know. However, I must say, during my last visit in Stockholm I finally stopped to consider Berlin as a perfect city: Berlin has its limits and I could find more if I think about big metropolises like New York. Nevertheless, Berlin is a good trade-off: cosmopolitan, a lot of green, not overcrowded, big spaces, European, nice north-east location, almost anarchic, gay-friendly, enough selection of international food… This is why I would definitively vote for Berlin in the following survey by Top 29 Cities for Men to Live In.