Feeling good

I’m finally in Stockholm. Well, I’m here since a couple of more hours already, even if the travel time was incredibly long. Oh I feel so good being here! Almost nothing changed: surprisingly, hills and islands are still at their place of two years ago :mrgreen: What I want to say is more that it’s like I never left this city two years ago… IlGrisa knows exactly how I look like when I’m in Prague: in Stockholm is even more… mmm, how to say… more intensive. Even regarding the relationship with the metro system.

The journey to come here was ok until I reached the airport of Eindhoven: nice airport, yes, but when I was checking my work emails with my computer connected to a T-Mobile hotspot an old Dutch woman started to read on my display. What the fuck? Eventually she asked me to use my pc to send her emails. Äh? Am I a hotspot? I know I’m hot, but still… :mrgreen: Then I stepped inside the Ryanair flight… I always hated Ryanair, but this time even more, but the prices are sooo cheap! Now their flights feature no space in front of the seat to put magazines, books, whatever one might need during the flight. I think it’s to avoid to clean it after the landing 😯 Because there is no other space for it either, the aircraft security overview is now it’s attached to the seat in front. During the whole flight the personal tried to sell all kind of stuff! So annoying! I thought for a couple of minutes I was going to see even advertisement for cookware 😀 or that I had to pay some extras also to go to the toilet. Never again.


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