Sweet home Alabama Berlin

I’m finally back in Berlin having some rest from all my traveling around Europe. I would like to say it was always nice and funny, but I’m really tired instead. If you consider that in Athens everything was about public relations as well as yesterday in Milan, while in Prague, after the difficulties to getting there, the hot weather and the tourists made my stay quite unpleasant, you probably understand how happy I am being back home (at least for these 3 days 😉 ).
Luckily, you were entertained by ilGrisa who wrote for me a couple of posts (thanks a lot Luca!) and now I don’t have to bore you with all my travel adventures. However, I kept some anecdotes for this post :mrgreen:

My second day in Athens were supposed to be dedicated to sightseeing, and it actually started the best way: I woke up quite early (for central Europe time :mrgreen: ), I used the huge bathroom and almost all its facilities (who can really afford a room like that, would be able to cobble clothes using the thread the hotel offered? I don’t think so), I checked out and I walked a lot around Πλάκα (Pláka) and Αναφιώτικα (Anafiotica) which lie below the Ακρόπολη (Acropolis).
As ilGrisa already wrote, it was rainy the whole afternoon and I didn’t see much more of Athens. Not too bad anyway, because, as far as I saw, the city isn’t really nice 😦 . Giovanni would say

Non sei terone dentro

which is probably true.
In the late afternoon I caught the really modern metro to the airport and I waited there for my flight back to Berlin with easyJet (for proletarians :mrgreen: ). On the airplane a group of Germans was quite loud and annoying other passengers; I didn’t understand why they were arguing with each other, but eventually they asked my opinion when I went to the toilet:

Was the song Ruby Tuesday written by The Beatles or The Rolling Stones?

On Friday I didn’t work too much because I was already in Prague with my mind 😉 As you probably read, I had some troubles catching the train to the Czech Republic… I always dreamt to walk on the emergency lane of the S-Bahn, maybe taking some pictures: this was unfortunately not the case 😦 I ran and I ran and I didn’t see anything else than my target: the Friedrichstraße station.
About my trip to Prague you already read a lot from the previous posts. I had a great time with my sisters: we visit a lot of places, we tasted always good food and I personally enjoyed this delicious tea:

Kyoto Kinen
Memories of Kyoto.
A recipe from this lovely city of tea. The peculiar rather bitter taste of Matcha is softened in the cup by milk and sugar, making it extremely mellow. It is served hot in a 0.2 l. glass.

With my sisters I traveled by plane to Italy: the aircraft was full of Italians, especially from Bergamo with their disgusting accent 😕 . Do you already know this nice animation about Italy and Europe? (If you don’t, please look at it) I thought that the episode about the airplane landing was only a bad joke, well, it is not! I couldn’t believe!

My mother was so happy to see me even if just for a night because I had to be in Milan yesterday very early to meet Vodafone, MTV and then AllMusic. It was a quite stressful day even if only my boss and new colleague actually spoke with our partners.

Today at work I was surprised to see Sophie: she used to sit right in front of me and we got to know each other unfortunately only when she decide to leave Jamba. She was supposed to be in Amsterdam and actually she’s going to work again for Jamba but from a new office there 😮


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  1. Well I heard mister Young sing about her
    Well, I heard ole Neil put her down
    Well, I hope Neil Young will remember
    A Southern man don’t need him around anyhow

    Did you know Sweet Home, Alabama was a song written by Lynyrd Skynyrd as an answer to N. Young’s Southern Man?

    Southern man
    better keep your head
    Don’t forget
    what your good book said
    Southern change
    gonna come at last
    Now your crosses
    are burning fast
    Southern man

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