ilGrisa, he wrote

So here it goes. Pino will be back tomorrow late evening (I guess) and he will take back what is his– if the last sentence sounds a bit of a tongue-twister, it wasn’t meant to be.

His last emails are mostly about food leisures, rather than traveling. He stopped at a tea shop, where he tried a Japanese tea with milk. Not chai, of course, since – as everybody should know – chai is made with milk boiled directly with black tea, and spiced with cinnamon, cloves and a bit of ginger. I’m pretty curious to hear about this Japanese-style chai, as Pino just wrote few words about, not going into any details! Bad Pino, bad!
Pino and his sisters enjoyed few dinners at U Zavěšenýho Kafe, which has an open patio, and (I hope several) coffees at Café Kafíčko, one of the most laid-back and easy-going spot in Praha. I envy you so much for being able to eat — I would say scofanare — a couple of slices of the Eastern European honey cake, Medovnik.

Now, Pino should be already in Milan for business. Don’t ask, I just know he’s there for doing some Jamba stuff.