A feast for me
A feast for me

It’s finally October, the most scented month of the year. The perfect month for caldarroste and pizzoccheri. Miam 😛

During the weekend, while Germany was celebrating its 18th year of reunification, Christian and I visited Amsterdam and a couple of other Dutch places like Volendam, Edam (yes, the city after which the cheese has been named) and Zwolle. We had a very pleasant time with my friends: Krijn hosted us almost all the time, Erik organized a delicious dinner in an Italian restaurant and an after dinner for all the friends who could not join my birthday party in Berlin while Jörg and James hosted us for the last night in Zwolle and spoiled us with some great meals. Even Christian, who is cook, admired Jörg’s cooking abilities.

We had some thrilling moments too: while going to the red light district on Thursday evening, the taxi we were traveling by had a car accident… Somehow the taxi driver didn’t see a car coming from left, or he probably just ignored it, because he had green light and… well, you know, taxi drivers are taxi drivers :mrgreen: Anyway, we are all safe and sound.

In Amsterdam I could use for the first time my new camera: I’m now, in fact, a proud owner of a Nikon D60… It’s incredible how much more fun is taking picture with a DSLR! I just have to practice all the different settings I’m offered.

But the most important experience I had during last weekend was feeling a warming friendship around me 😳 I felt so good with each of you (I know you’re reading this)! I’m very thankful for what you do for me, for the joy you make me feel.

I need NANA.


Black or white


I’m blogging again from my iPod Touch: Christian is lying next to me while watching TV. I just called Alice (my Internet provider) to cancel my subscription.
No actually I’m at the bus stop after almost a week since I started writing this post 🙂 And now on the bus heading to the office. The embassies of the northern countries are on my left, the Siegessäule is in front of me, gold as usual. It’s fall and the Tiergarten is mostly yellow: it’s fantastic.
Fall is my favorite season. It has been always like that, mainly because it was the season to go back to school and it was the time for my birthday… and presents :mrgreen: Now… I don’t want to turn 30. I have the feeling of having failed being where I wanted to be. Of course it’s not true: the last 10 years were memorable and I don’t regret anything, but still… It’s just a bad feeling.
Btw, Saturday was ilGrisa’s 30th birthday: happy birthday with a bit delay from my blog too 😛
As I was writing, I canceled my honorable Internet subscription (if you ever need one in Germany ask for Alice), I’ve been confirmed that I have to leave my flat before December 31, I’m looking for someone to buy some of my furniture. Everything must work out just fine.

10 days ago Erik was visiting and we had a great U-Bahn-Cabrio-Tour: I’ve been given so much information about the Berlin metro system that I’m not sure I remember all of them. I should have taken some notes :mrgreen: The most remarkable curiosities were obviously those connected with the wall that formerly dived Berlin in two. In fact, some U-Bahn lines that started and ended in West-Berlin, didn’t stop anywhere under East-Berlin, creating a wide range of ghost-stations. Nowadays those station are open again but a set of shields, like the one I managed to take a picture of, remember that past. They feature a list of German words that start with über-, most notably the word Übergang, which means passage, transition. Übertroffen, btw, means excelled.

Schloss Pfaueninsel
Schloss Pfaueninsel

During last weekend, Christian’s former colleague, Manuela and her boyfriend Roger were visiting. This is why we went yesterday for a short trip to the Pfaueninsel (Peacock island), a small island on the river Havel, much closer to Potsdam than to Berlin city center (almost inaccesibile because of the marathon which set a new world record, btw). I always wanted to visit it because I’ve been told it is gorgeous and, in fact, it is: at least for the high number of peacocks after which the island is named :mrgreen: Curiously they didn’t have any tail to show… Probably because it’s not the mating season? I should understand this better.

The TV series season has officially begun: Heroes rocks as usual, House M.D. is still on the way to be sadly abandoned, as well as Grey’s Anatomy, Desperate Housewives started yesterday and I still can’t say anything, The Sarah Connor Chronicles is well done but it could be spicier… What else? Ah of course The Big Bang Theory, a very funny sit-com: the second season start has been even cooler that the first.
In the meanwhile, one of my favorite anime, Code Geass has come to an end. With a great cliffhanger that I could have appreciated better if I were watching the episodes all together instead of following the weekly Japanese broadcast. Still, I loved it. Another example of how Japanese products are much better than American :mrgreen:

Are you gonna eat it?
Eat your brain? Claire, that’s disgusting.

With my iPod Touch (ok, I stop advertising Apple for free) I can really follow a bigger number of TV series and still find time to watch movies with Christian. We are really addicted. I just have to be sure that he doesn’t choose too many titles: the last one, The Cavern, was probably the worst movie I have ever watched. Yesterday we had Juno, but I was expecting much more than what I got. A sweet movie, yes, but… There’s much better.

I’m not done yet 🙂 Today I’m definitively in blogging-mood. And now it’s about politics, one of my favorite topics. Yesterday was a big day, finally the CSU egemony in Bavaria had an end. Ok, they still rule the Bundesland, but for the first time after 46 years they don’t have the absolute majority. On the other hand, in Austria, right-wing extremists got almost 30% of the votes. Wow, that’s a lot! Luckily the 2 parties were not allied, which is why this result is only theorethical, but it’s still a sign.
What should we expect from the US, for instance, in November? I mean, did you ever listen to any interview with Sarah Palin? I thought she was just evil, but no, she is also a moron. How can people seriously vote for her? If McCain won the election, she would be VP of the US! Someone who claims to be good ad foreign politics just because Alaska is between two foreign countries 😕 Wtf? Well, at least, now also US have their countrepart of Mara Carfagna :mrgreen:

Material girl

names by xkcd
names by xkcd

Once again I’ve been ignoring my blog for far too long :mrgreen: Apparently my social life is now much more busy than my virtual one… This is a very positive thing, of course, but I feel like I’m neglecting my readers too.

I don’t really have big news: I am very busy at work (today I got my new business cards, they look lekker 😛 ), I am waiting for Heroes to begin next week and… oh yes, this is important, I am going to live with Christian. This is actually not a big deal because I am always at his place anyway 🙂 Let’s see how things turn out.

Beside this, I went to the probably worst bear party ever a couple of weeks ago, but at least I met there some nice people. Last week I finally had a dinner with Desi too: Tessa was also there, fresh married with her Icelandic boyfriend… Everybody were already wondering when Christian and I were supposed to marry too :mrgreen:

In two weeks I will visit Amsterdam and I’m sooo excited! After all, I miss Amsterdam a lot. In the meantime Erik is going to visit me during this weekend: it’s been a while since last time we saw each other… We will have a U-Bahn Cabrio Tour tomorrow: basically we will travel with a special underground train and watch the Berlin tunnels from a different perspective. Since my camera is broken, I will use Elisa’s Canon…

Some days ago, Christian and I had a sort of Movie-Weekend during which we watched Cloverfield (the sci-fi-catastrophic version of The Blair Witch Project), El Orfanato (very intriguing), El Laberinto del Fauno (yes, again, for Christian didn’t watch it yet), The Mist (I must confess I loved it) and another one I didn’t really like which is why I don’t remember the name.

Margaret Cho rocks!


Today I finally read the last three posts written by ilGrisa on his blog. I’m really sorry for the delay because he always reads mine and he often inserts his comments but, although I also regularly read his blog, when I started to use Outlook as RSS feed reader, things went utterly wrong (what else?).

Je suis désolée
Lo siento
Ik ben droevig
Sono spiacente

Unfortunately, this wonderful application doesn’t correctly encode his posts which are full of pictures and I can’t easily read them: eventually I postpone the reading instead of pointing my browser (I don’t say which one) to his blog.
So? Well, I discovered a very bad Italian misspell, one of those, for which Italian children are blamed for the rest of their lives :mrgreen:

Adventures on the S-Bahn

Pino wrote me while on the train heading for Praha. He got quite an adventure on the S-Bahn on his way to Hauptbahnhof to catch the train– for reasons unknown the train was blocked between Hackescher Markt and Friedrichstraße, after waiting 15 minutes he got out and walked along the rail to the next station. I can quite see him walking, swearing and sweating on the elevated train-track, just hope he wasn’t alone in doing so. At Friedrichstraße, after considering what to do next he decided to ride to Südkreuz, and fortunately he managed to the train station just seconds before the train leaving.

And in his own words

La S-Bahn si è fermata tra Hackescher Markt e Friedrichstraße, dopo 15 min di attesa ho aperto le porte di emergenza, sono volato fuori e me la sono fatta a piedi sui binari. A Friedrichstraße non sapevo che fare, se prendere la S-Bahn per Südkreuz o farmela a piedi fino all’Hauptbahnhof. Ho scelto la prima. Sono arrivato al pelo e per fortuna il treno per Praga era in ritardo.

From Αθήνα to Praha

Having to wait for my tea to brew and having already taken care of my own blog, I can update Pino’s situation. He wrote he got home, just in time for sending a picture to his account on flickr and to write a fast email saying that he landed in Berlin. Tomorrow he’ll be in Praha, having a short vacation with his sisters for few days, after which he’ll fly directly to Milan for business.

Jumping from city to city is exciting, but tiring though. I don’t know whether to envy him or quite the opposite. All right, what kind of question is that?! Of course I’m envying him!

Here the only picture of Athens he uploaded… And I hope for more to come…