Purple people

It’s no secret purple is my favorite color and it seems to be all the rage in fashion right now, but, much like fashion, design seems to be following the purple trend as well. I am probably going to paint some walls in a light purple or lilac in the new flat, but I am wondering whether it is going to look too… feminine…

Thunder wishes it could be the snow
Wishes it could be as loved as she can be
These gifts are here for her, for you, for me

Currently all my resources are being used for this project, for many reasons:

  • Since the budget is limited I need to make the right choice for almost all details: I can’t afford a second chance :mrgreen:
  • The flat it’s under renovation and I have to wait until this summer to use it and in the meantime I want to enjoy the furniture planning as much as possible
  • There are anyway many details that have to be fixed before I can really say I bought a flat in Berlin
Arbeit macht frei by Lugri
Arbeit macht frei by Lugri

Last Friday, however, I was too tired to think again at the perfect kitchen (probably modeled on Bree’s :mrgreen: ) and Christian and I spontaneously decided to go to the cinema and watch The Reader. I loved it! But it was very complex and I am planning of reading the novel it was inspired by.
Basically it’s about a almost pedophile relationship in West Germany between a woman and a young boy who reads novel for her. Years later he attends, as part of his law education, a trial in which the woman is involved for serving as guard at Auschwitz. He realizes then that she has a secret she considers worse than her Nazi past: she is illiterate.
I can only suggest it. But, yes, the movie is not enough: one should really spend time analyzing it… Or, as I decided and already mentioned, one should read the book instead.