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Art nouveau

Art nouveau

I’m completely surprised. When I first listened to Get on Your Boots, U2 newest single, a couple of weeks ago, I was disgusted; then I stared loving its sexy sound; now I guess I found U2 best song ever: Magnificent.

Only love, only love can leave such a mark
And only love, only love can leave such a scar

The whole new album, No Line on the Horizon, is still a question mark for me: it sounds great, but I’m probably not into Bono’s voice anymore and I’m scared that during the live performance could be even worse. After all, he’s not 25 anymore, and he’s not Mick Jagger:mrgreen:
Moreover, my music taste evolved during last year: while many fans wish U2 to repeat a second Achtung Baby, I’m hoping they are going beyond Zooropa and Pop.

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  1. I always considered Zooropa one of U2’s best albums …
    Not Achtung Baby which is not bad, but can’t be compared to Zooropa.

    • I know what you mean and I agree, even if I could prefer Pop a bit more over Zooropa.
      However, Achtung Baby and Joshua Tree are universally accepted as the best U2 albums ever.
      In No Line on the Horizon Brian Eno is back, and it’s remarkable.

  2. Con chi è questo No Line on the Horizon?

    • Non capisco la domanda… No Line on the Horizon è appunto il nuovo album degli U2, prodotto anche da Brian Eno. E si sente.

      • Oh … avevo capito che No Line on the Horizon fosse un nuovo album di Brian Eno, da cui la domanda con chi fosse (Brian Eno) in questo nuovo album …

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