Yes sir, I can boogie

In Life, TV&Movies on February 18, 2009 by Pino

Rainbow flag

Rainbow flag

I was writing this post when I got so much work to do that I couldn’t complete it before leaving for a romantic weekend (Valentine’s day anyone?) in Stockholm. Maybe I was planning to talk about other topics, but I simply don’t remember. What’s left are the following words.

Talks to find a good mortgage proceed almost flawlessly but making the right choice is always tough. Each offer has pro’s and con’s and since it’ about a lot of money I’m really scared… But luckily my family is supporting me as well as bank consultants.
Everyone was simply comfortable with the idea that Christian and I were moving in together as a couple, that we are building our future together in a new home, that we might even register our partnership… Btw, Monday we even went to the town hall to get all the necessary information.
I’m looking forward to watch the movie Milk.

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  1. Did you watch Milk after all?

  2. No unfortunately not yet😦
    I want to find the original version with subtitles… I might convince Christian to watch it this way: I am not going to be satisfied with the dubbed version this time.

    • Perché la mia photo in Gravatar non viene usata?

      • looks fine now

      • Mmm siccome dò per scontato che chi commenta sul mio blog non si sia preso la briga di creare un Gravatar, ho selezionato la creazione automatica di avatars per i commenti. Come vedi sono coerenti: allo stesso indirizzo email corrisponde lo stesso monster-avatar🙂
        Se invece hai un login wordpress allora viene usato l’avatar di wordpress.

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