Broken strings


I am finally (and slowly) uploading some photos to my flickr profile, for instance those taken in Paris. Hopefully you enjoy them :mrgreen:

Yesterday we watched Twilight because I feel some sympathy for vampires. However, it turned out to be one of the most boring movies ever. Yawn. What is the purpose of a vampire who doesn’t have any negative side? He is good looking, fast, powerful, he doesn’t melt under sunlight… Wtf? And his girlfriend… 😕 So far, the best spin-off of Dracula has been True Blood: hopefully I can soon enjoy the second season

Today I am a bit disappointed. For obvious reasons, my bonus is going to be ridiculous, the salaries are frozen and basically Nokia has to save money everywhere. Funnily this is not the reason why I have been told today that I’m not participating to Zell am See 2009 anymore… It just didn’t make sense to present an old product. Told them… Anyway, not too bad: I was not really feeling like going to an expo and smile to people for the sake of it. I am going to enjoy this weekend at the Grüne Woche fair and next one at the Lange Nacht der Museen even more.


One thought on “Broken strings

  1. True Blood is going to be in at least six months … not quite so soon 🙂
    I like the image … very ironical.

    By the way a little typo any any –> have any
    Not a typo but for some weird reason I kept reading funnel instead of funnily, maybe because the latter is hardly used.

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