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Dopplr Annual Report 2008

Dopplr Annual Report 2008

I’m finally listening to some fresh good music. Unfortunately I’ve been missing the concert by Kaiser Chiefs in Berlin a couple of days ago, but I might attend Franz Ferdinand at the end of March. According to (Dutch-)Isabelle, my music pusher, they are releasing a new album this week and the first single, Ulysses, is really really catchy.
On the other hand U2 wrote such a bad song, Get Your Boots On, I won’t probably consider the idea of buying the new album in March. I’ll download it, tho.

Yesterday I also received my Dopplr Annual Report for 2008: it is a nice document about my travels during last year. Apparently I’ve been traveling only 37 over 365 days😦 I’m sure I’m going to do better this year. We will see. I somehow don’t feel like going to Austria next week: I don’t like business trips…

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  1. I should use Dopplr too, if not for the Annual Report … mine doesn’t really say a thing about how much I traveled last year.
    You aren’t going to get a U2 album? What’s next? Not buying Placebo?

  2. Well, wait, fly down🙂
    Placebo are still at their best creativity, while U2 are not anymore.
    I am sure Placebo won’t disappoint me this summer.
    I guess the next step of not buying a U2 album could be selling part of my collection.

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