Swinging Pino by Lugri
Swinging Pino by Lugri

Slowly I’m back on track: work emails have been answered, now I have to complete my tasks before I leave for Zell am See.

Christian and I had a great time in Paris. He have been there just once, when he was just a kid and didn’t remember much, which is why we had a usual touristic tour to begin with. We didn’t miss any important sight, such as le Louvre, Notre-Dame, Père-Lachaise, Montmartre and the Tour Eiffel, the top of which was unfortunately closed for maintenance. After some fitness time on its 700 steps I personally earned a big portion of Mousse de Canard, while Christian couldn’t get enough Flan Parisien :mrgreen:

Yesterday I selected some pictures to be published on flickr and I discovered that I still didn’t upload old ones from my visits in Hamburg (a few) and New York (2)! With the slow internet connection I have at home I don’t even know when I am going to fix this.

This week we will probably go to cinema to see either Twilight or Valkyrie, hopefully not Australia and I am playing with the idea of attending a couple of Berlinale screenings: I did it 2 years ago and I’d really like to repeat the experience.


2 thoughts on “Spaceman

  1. I’ll be waiting for pictures of Paris!
    You guys climbed the Tour Eiffel after all! Wow that’s great achievement. Does it mean you’ll not do any physical activity for the next 11 months? (I’m counting January to be practically over.)

    On a grammatical note: an usual is wrong, it should be a usual. The thing is the u in usual is technically a (semi-)consonant. It’s a common mistake, you have to think about the sound which is something like yu.

  2. Pictures are coming… Keep the faith 🙂

    We are going to do some p-activities soon… Keep the faith 🙂

    About the u: yes, my Lordo.

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