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It has been almost one year ago when I heard about ナナ for the first time, and since I’ve finished the first season I’m missing it a lot and strongly waiting for the second one.
In the meantime we are going often to the cinema (I should consider buying the 6-month-flatrate) or watching a lot of different movies on DVD. Last weekend, for instance, we watched The Day the Earth Stood Still, just because I was in the mood for some sci-fi and catastrophic movies:mrgreen: Well, the movie wasn’t really worth the money. I didn’t know the original version of 1951 but I could anyway say that this has been a very bad remake. Nothing new was added to the former humans-are-destroying-the-world-theme. Just a couple of special effects, I presume.
On Sunday I watched (Christian fell asleep) Cassandra’s Dream, a movie by Woody Allen starring Colin Farrell, who is becoming my favorite actor, and Ewan McGregor. The movie wasn’t bad, but it looked like the little ugly brother of Match Point which is his masterpiece, so far.

At work I had a couple of really shitty days when last Thursday I found out that my MacBookPro hard disk just… died. I don’t know how it exactly happened but even the apple store couldn’t save my precious data. My work of the last few month has completely gone for good. Now I have a new hard disk, 500 GB, I suppose I should be grateful for that😕 I still have the old one here on my desk, I might use it to adorn my next flat:mrgreen:
My work documents haven’t been the only victims, I lost also a huge amount of pictures I imported only on my laptop for laziness… Bummer. Luckily I posted the most important ones on flickr already.

Last Sunday I had one of the craziest experience of my life… I participated to a casting to enter one of Germany most famous quiz shows: Das Quiz mit Jörg Pilawa. The candidates are supposed to participate with a partner and Christian, who applied for the quiz, decided to go with me. It was really funny and we have been selected among the finalist. Now we have to wait further screening that will be done in Cologne and Hamburg to know whether we will go on TV or not. Keep the finger crossed!
As part of the tests during the casting, we had to answer 25 questions, among which one about Max Plank, one about Messina and one about Roman emperors:mrgreen: simply perfect for me.

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  1. 黒い for some reasons is one of those kanji I hadn’t studied so far but is stuck in my mind. 涙 I guessed was related to water for the obvious 水 on the left of it, but I didn’t know it meant tears … well something new to learn every day🙂
    ナナ — you should read the manga! How many times I gotta tell you? And for the music … just get the シーディー!
    HD — never keep all your eggs in one basket! But I’m sorry for your loss.

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