Mr. Brightside


I am still advertising my book :mrgreen: Even if I know that no one will ever buy a copy. But I might publish some more: for instance one about my Interrail or one about Berlin through my eyes… I have a wide spectrum of possibilities 🙂 Especially now that I’m really enjoying my Nikon D60.

This morning Berlin had its first snow and the temperatures are definitively very cold. As usual the Siberian wind turned a very mild autumn into what it seems to be a very long and cold winter… I still can’t accept the idea the temperatures are falling already under zero 😦 On the other hand I love winter. Winter is reliable, much more than summer. Summer can be much colder or much hotter than expected, with unpredictable weather conditions that can change daily. Winter is cold. Period. It’s very easy to know what to wear. For many months. Winter is dark too, except during the Advent when it’s particularly shiny and… scented.

Somehow I’m currently very unsuccessful on many fronts… Which is why I feel a bit sad. Maybe the weekend will help me a bit. But Bree has the best words for this too:

No matter how many mistakes they’ve made or how many times they’ve been knocked down here’s a chance to get something right even if it’s just a casserole.

Yeah, a casserole… I tried to cook some pumpkin-gnocchi (my favorites) last Sunday, but they were simply disgusting. Christian and Frank somehow appreciated them tho…


5 thoughts on “Mr. Brightside

  1. Cold?! I looked temperatures in Berlin and they’re definitely at least 5C higher than here! And you call that cold!
    But I agree Winter is always better than Summer, one just needs the right gear.

    But don’t despair and sursum corda!
    By the way, a casserole is way easier than gnocchi …

  2. I knew you would have complained about that cold because I check temperatures in Amherst on my iPhone too.
    Of course here is not as cold as there and definitively not as cold as in Greenland…
    Oh, come on, don’t even let me start arguing 🙂

  3. Dipende dalla rilegatura, no?
    E poi uso la premium paper (mai più senza) :mrgreen: In realtà costicchia perchè ho deciso di metterci €10 di guadagno per me… Se ti interessa veramente averlo aspetta innanzitutto che io riceva la mia copia, così so se esce bene in stampa oppure no.

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