Crack the shutters

Yellow leaves IV
Yellow leaves IV

Last Sunday, as part of one of my birthday gifts, I went with Christian to the Berlin Japan Festival. It is basically a fair for Berlin or online shops which sell Japanese products, either traditional (on the ground floor), or modern (on the upper floor).
It was really interesting and I collected a lot of address for my next Japanese purchases :mrgreen: Even Christian fell in love with some Noren (暖簾)… We are definitively going to buy one for our new flat.
We also attended to a some shows: Kimono (着物) fashion, Japanese Women Choir and martial arts (I forgot which one, exactly).
The fair was hosted by the Postbahnhof (post train station), an interesting building itself.

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One thought on “Crack the shutters

  1. すげ!

    Back to English … :p I never quite like noren for apartments to be honest. I always identify them with public places, in particular public baths and the image never quite got away.
    I love the word kimono, literally the thing (物) you wear (着る) 🙂

    Ti rispondo all’email tra un po’ …

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