The lightning strike


Unfortunately I have been really busy in the last week, more than ever before. I went first to Heidelberg to visit Christian’s parents, then I attended Snow Patrol’s concert, I flew to London and I had lot to do in the office. Nevertheless, I’ve been trying to blog from my iPhone and hereafter you can read the result.

What if this storm ends?
I’m flying back to Berlin after a short business trip to London. I have been there only once before and I couldn’t really connect with the city: too overcrowded, so European but so stubbornly different from the mainland. This time, my visit was much more pleasant even if limited to Oxford Street, at the west end of which was my Hotel and at the Eastern end of which the studios were I was screening some workshops. Yesterday I really had a busy time, since I woke up at 5am to catch my flight to Heathrow and I worked until 11pm, Berlin time.
Attending the workshop was funny: I was hidden behind those kind of semitransparent mirrors that can be seen in the movies. So cool!
The studios offered me some sandwiches at lunch and I could choose a real meal for dinner. Excited by the large offer I ordered a salmon and tuna sushi box: big mistake. The fish wasn’t very good but the rice… come on, it was disgusting. And terribly cold. No, frozen.
London was overcrowded ad usual but surprisingly empty at night… I was anyway too tired to go out.
Flying back to Berlin was the true adventure. Currently going on. No, now I’m successfully back in Berlin. Just 3 hours later than planned. Long story short: British Airways employees were simply too unfriendly and pissed me off.
At the Berlin airport of Tegel I saw some advertising for the German Bundesland Baden-Wüttenberg:

Wir können alles, außer Hochdeutsch
(We can do anything, except speaking High German)

The part about the language is true… I sometimes can’t stand Christian’s dialect: net instead of nicht is funny, but ö pronounced as e or the diphthong au as aa is annoying, not to mention the relative pronoun wo (lit. where) used instead of die, der and das (which, that) 😕
Of course this worsen when we are visiting or being visited by his friends or parents. Like last weekend.

Sunlight through the flags
Like in July, we rented a car but this time we had time to visit Mannheim a little more: it is unusual among German cities in that its central area is laid out in a grid pattern (called Quadrate, squares), the streets don’t have names, while blocks are named after their coordinates on the grid. Funny.
On Sunday we visited Frankfurt am Main too: Germany economic capital. The city didn’t impress me very much, but the skyline is gorgeous! It looked like a nice place for shopping, but on Sunday every shop is closed…

Back from my tour in Baden-Wüttenberg I attended the only German concert of Snow Patrol. It was very short and unusually located in a small theater, but very emotional. The band chose Berlin to present their new album because they recorded it here, they will be back in spring for the official tour and I will be there to see them again! At the exit of the theater I have been interviewed by RBB, the local TV station, I hope they didn’t use the material for any broadcast :mrgreen: My German was so broken!