Always happens like that

No place feels like home
No place feels like home

My other favorite song is currently this one from Kaiser Chief’s last album:

You can do what you like
But you can’t do that
You can say what you want
But you can’t say that
You can go anywhere
But you can’t go there

This is exactly what currently happens in California: Obama just said that everything is possible in US… but probably non that. Prop 8 is, as opponents say on their official page, unfair and wrong. However, Californians approved it. I’m so pissed off that I won’t spend any more words.

Yesterday I officially left my flat in Charlottenburg to a Greek guy. A sweet Japanese girl was also very interested and it hurt to break her hopes… すみません! Btw, she told me that my pronunciation of ありがとう ございます is excellent. People say crazy things to get a flat :mrgreen:
Speaking of Japan, I went to a small Japanese store on Kantstr. and I bought a couple of surprise bags with Code Geass key-rings. I got Villetta. Too kawaii!


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