Take back the city

Light of victory or victory of light?
Light of victory or victory of light?

Not only Kaiser Chiefs, but also Snow Patrol are releasing a new record. That’s funny: I actually heard of those two bands during the same concert (U2 in Berlin) and I loved them straight away.
Take Back the City is the first single and it sounds very easy… probably too easy… but at the end is really pleasant to be listened.

On Friday and Saturday night I spent some time around the city because of the Festival of Lights: for the last two weeks, world-famous historical landmarks and spots in Berlin have been staged impressively by means of light, events, projections and fireworks.
I had a really great time, especially in Alexanderplatz where the TV tower was decorated by light. Unfortunately, it was also the most difficult installation to take picture of.

During the weekend I was also busy finding a new tenant for my flat in Charlottenburg. People seem to be very attracted and I hope to find someone who is going to buy the furniture as well.
Christian and I found anyway time to visit the exhibition Welt Maschine in the soon to be opened U-Bahnhof Bundestag: I was expecting something more exciting than a long and tedious explanation of the standard model of physics and how it actually sucks :mrgreen: As a (former) theoretical physicist I was neither into the few experimental machines exposed nor into old physics. So why visit an exhibition about LHC? Because LHC is really one of the most ambitious experiments achieved by man.
Btw, the SuSy Particles pin? Priceless


7 thoughts on “Take back the city

  1. The susy particle pin?!
    But, was the exhibition about the LHC or about old physics? And besides what do you mean by old physics? … Sorry I didn’t get the last part of the post.

  2. Oh come on Luca!
    The exhibition was about LHC.
    It was full of explanations about the Standard Model of Physics, which I jokingly named old physics :mrgreen:
    And… yes… I bought for €1 a set of 3 pins: Higgs Particle, SuSy Particles and Dark Matter.
    Unfortunately they didn’t have any magnets 😦 but, as the girl I spoke to said, I can attach a small magnet on the back of the pins and… volià :mrgreen:
    I’ll post some pics…

  3. You should, as you should be on skype … get on skype now!
    Anyway … too bad I’d love to have a magnet of dark matter …

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