Gib mir Sonne

This is my first post on my… tadaa… my new iPhone 🙂 I was really satisfied with the iPod touch that I realized I wanted the full experience: although I was not entitled to return it, Apple quickly refund my purchase and after visiting a T-Mobile shop I got this piece of cutting edge technology. Simply fantastic!
Speaking of Apple… Tomorrow, just because it’s my 30th birthday, Steve Jobs is going to present Apple new notebook line. It’s destiny: as if he knew you need some ideas for my birthday gift :mrgreen:

The wall
The wall

A couple of days ago I went to the main Nokia office in Berlin on Invalidenstr. for a meeting. Since I was a bit too early I decided to stroll around a bit. The area around Nordbahnhof is still a no man’s land: there is a weird emptiness between building blocks, the shops are rare and it’s far too easy to understand the former path of the wall.
In fact a Documentation Center exactly shows how the Berlin wall once looked like (I tentatively uploaded a picture). I visited this place already the first time I’ve been in Berlin: it’s quite thrilling, one can really figure out the sentinel patrolling the border…

Friday night I went to watch the movie Krabat with Christian at Potsdamer Platz. We were both excited to see a movie the trailer of which looked really promising… Unfortunately we were both disappointed 😦 After one and a half hour it was still difficult to understand what the movie was actually about. Then everything happen in the last 30 minutes and in a too easy way. It’s a German movie, I don’t know how far it will be distributed, but, just in case, don’t spend your money for it 😉 One of the main actors was Daniel Brühl: the world knows him for his role in Goodbye Lenin, I know him as a regular at Kuchi :mrgreen: Btw, afaik, he’s now busy with the filming of Inglorious Bastard, Tarantino’s next movie, for which Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are spending a couple of month in a villa at Wannsee.


Saturday was a gorgeous day! The sky was blue, the sun was shining, it was even warm! I then had the time for a short photo session around the Tiergarten. I’m trying to practice with my new camera 😉 Some results are at least pleasant, I guess.

On Sunday Christian and I had a late brunch at Morgenland but the cafe was so busy that we barely enjoyed it. We went then for a long walk around Kreuzberg 36: from Görlitzer Bahnhof to Halleshes Tor to Bergmannstraße to Mehringdamm. It was really cool and we visited a cemetery we accidentally found on our way: it was very nice and I was hating myself for not bringing my camera with me. Anyway, even more unexpectedly, I found a couple of famous graves: Carl Jacobi and Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy…
Later we rented a couple of movies: The Magdalene Sisters and The Happening.
The former is one of those movies I always wanted to see but somehow always missed and then totally forgot about. I really enjoyed it, especially the scene when a girl had the real chance to escape but gives in to Stockholm syndrome and turns back to the asylum.
I was expecting the latter to have some surprising twists, like in a usual Shyamalan movie, but it was not the case. It features a questionable ecological theme (maybe important for the American audience but quite disgusting for me) but also a creepy way to punish humanity for its sins 😕 I don’t know how to rate it: try it out for Halloween :mrgreen: