A feast for me
A feast for me

It’s finally October, the most scented month of the year. The perfect month for caldarroste and pizzoccheri. Miam 😛

During the weekend, while Germany was celebrating its 18th year of reunification, Christian and I visited Amsterdam and a couple of other Dutch places like Volendam, Edam (yes, the city after which the cheese has been named) and Zwolle. We had a very pleasant time with my friends: Krijn hosted us almost all the time, Erik organized a delicious dinner in an Italian restaurant and an after dinner for all the friends who could not join my birthday party in Berlin while Jörg and James hosted us for the last night in Zwolle and spoiled us with some great meals. Even Christian, who is cook, admired Jörg’s cooking abilities.

We had some thrilling moments too: while going to the red light district on Thursday evening, the taxi we were traveling by had a car accident… Somehow the taxi driver didn’t see a car coming from left, or he probably just ignored it, because he had green light and… well, you know, taxi drivers are taxi drivers :mrgreen: Anyway, we are all safe and sound.

In Amsterdam I could use for the first time my new camera: I’m now, in fact, a proud owner of a Nikon D60… It’s incredible how much more fun is taking picture with a DSLR! I just have to practice all the different settings I’m offered.

But the most important experience I had during last weekend was feeling a warming friendship around me 😳 I felt so good with each of you (I know you’re reading this)! I’m very thankful for what you do for me, for the joy you make me feel.

I need NANA.