Do you remember the first time?


I almost can’t believe it: this is my first post from my brand new iPod Touch… This is so cool, folks! It’s really thin and light and, it simply works 🙂
Since it arrived this morning in my office, I was not able to completely test it. I barely have music on it and just a couple of videos (you may download for free from iTunes as summary of series like Desperate Housewives, Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice). The applications are amazing (I was already downloading them last week while I was waiting for the iPod). What should I say more?


5 thoughts on “Do you remember the first time?

  1. Btw … scrivo in Italiano …
    la prima volta che avevo letto il nome del tuo iPod, non avevo notato Þ ma avevo visto P e quindi avevo letto qualcosa come prrr

    Ma allora ti decidi con questo tema?!

  2. Intendi il tema del blog?
    È sempre The Journalist che automaticamente è stato un attimino rinnovato… Non è stata decisione mia… Preferivo la versione vecchia, in realtà.

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