Material girl

names by xkcd
names by xkcd

Once again I’ve been ignoring my blog for far too long :mrgreen: Apparently my social life is now much more busy than my virtual one… This is a very positive thing, of course, but I feel like I’m neglecting my readers too.

I don’t really have big news: I am very busy at work (today I got my new business cards, they look lekker 😛 ), I am waiting for Heroes to begin next week and… oh yes, this is important, I am going to live with Christian. This is actually not a big deal because I am always at his place anyway 🙂 Let’s see how things turn out.

Beside this, I went to the probably worst bear party ever a couple of weeks ago, but at least I met there some nice people. Last week I finally had a dinner with Desi too: Tessa was also there, fresh married with her Icelandic boyfriend… Everybody were already wondering when Christian and I were supposed to marry too :mrgreen:

In two weeks I will visit Amsterdam and I’m sooo excited! After all, I miss Amsterdam a lot. In the meantime Erik is going to visit me during this weekend: it’s been a while since last time we saw each other… We will have a U-Bahn Cabrio Tour tomorrow: basically we will travel with a special underground train and watch the Berlin tunnels from a different perspective. Since my camera is broken, I will use Elisa’s Canon…

Some days ago, Christian and I had a sort of Movie-Weekend during which we watched Cloverfield (the sci-fi-catastrophic version of The Blair Witch Project), El Orfanato (very intriguing), El Laberinto del Fauno (yes, again, for Christian didn’t watch it yet), The Mist (I must confess I loved it) and another one I didn’t really like which is why I don’t remember the name.

Margaret Cho rocks!


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