It has not been easy to update my blog in the last time, but I don’t even start explaining why. I was just not feelink like blogging, that’s all. I had better things to do, so to speak :mrgreen: I’m not sure I remember all the things I’ve done… Mmm… Christian’s brother-in-law and nephew were visiting Berlin for a couple of days, then Manfred’s new boyfriend, Matthias, for one week. He’s a very pleasant person and we enjoyed a weekend for four 🙂 Especially when we went to my favourite restaurant, Kuchi 😛
What else is worth to be mentioned? Mmm… I went with Christian and a couple from Nürnberg to the cinema, last Sunday, to watch Mamma Mia, a very delightful and funny movie. Meryl Streep scored a good performance, while Pierce Brosnan, well… Luckily he didn’t have to sing too much :mrgreen:
In the meantime I’m getting ready for the start of Heroes‘ new season: I’m very excited after having watched the leaked first 15 minutes of the first episode.
So everything is fine while leaves are falling from the trees…
Everything but my camera 😥 which has been broken! How can I live without a camera? The one in my phone simply sucks. I hope my Nikon is going to be repaired as soon as possible, at least before I go to Amsterdam next month.


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