World end


One year ago, when I moved to Amsterdam and I was a bit confused, I spent many afternoons watching one of the best anime ever: Code Geass. Last April the second season started and yesterday I’ve been watching the 18th episode on the way home: very exciting, finally Zero is that mix of rage and violence I loved him for in the first season.

Speaking about Amsterdam, I bought last Friday some rare tickets to travel there by train anytime between mid of August and end of October. It was a special offer by the German railways available only on eBay for a limited time. I wouldn’t have probably even know about this promotion if I wasn’t checking for news about that stupid war in Georgia… It was the right advertisement on the right page at the right time :mrgeen:

What else should I blog about? Nothing really happened lately, to be honest. Christian’s parents are visiting Berlin and I have a stressful program too… They love me so much I have to spend a lot of time with them. Luckily they are also quite independent and I can enjoy some evenings alone with Christian too.