We are all made of stars

People of Berlin
People of Berlin

I was not supposed to neglect my blog for almost a week but I’ve been just busy busy busy, especially at work, until yesterday and now I’m trying to fill out the gap since my last post.
Most of you have seen on flickr my picture taken during Obama’s speech at the Siegessäule in Berlin. Unfortunately I didn’t have my camera with me and the digital zoom of my mobile phone, well, sucks :mrgreen: But it was nice to take the picture, have it automatically geo-tagged with the integrated GPS and immediately uploaded on flickr. I got a very strong feeling of what the mobile2.0 exactly is.

Anyway… It was a huge event! A lot of people (I still don’t know precisely how many) met at the Siegessäule to listen what Mr. Obama had to say to Berlin. Unfortunately the audio quality was really bad and the audience too noisy and I couldn’t understand everything before I watched the speech again on youtube :mrgreen: When I struggled a bit to get closer to the stage I could listen a much better. He mentioned many times the Berlin airlift (Luftbrücke) and indirectly Kennedy and Reagan who made historical speech in the German capital. The Berlin blockade and the simple sentence

Ich bin ein Berliner

are actually terribly dramatic!
Being there was definitively very symbolic: it was something people usually see only on tv. I loved to see people moved by the words of this man, of this rockstar. The Bono Vox of the American politics. It was great.


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