Mamma mia


This post was supposed to be named after the song Oh My God by Kaiser Chiefs, but I don’t remember why I would say oh, my god in a first place :mrgreen: Well, I just watched the new trailer for the next season of Heroes, and… wow! 😯 I can’t wait for September 22nd! In the meantime I enjoy my save the cheerleader, save the world-t-shirt :mrgreen:

Yesterday I celebrated a party with my colleagues. We first went paddling on dragon boats along the river Spree: it was a fantastic experience especially because of the stunning perspective of (east-)Berlin. Later we went to a very exclusive French place, apparently Brad Pitt’s favorite in town, for a dinner. The menu was quite fancy, with snails, quail’s eggs and some other things I didn’t recognize. It was delicious, without any doubts, but I think that pork didn’t match snails at all and I was horrified to see swordfish with ham sausage! No way! I mean… that’s wrong! 😕 La tarte au citron was anyway the best I ever had. My evening was definitively over after two glasses of Finnish vodka…


6 thoughts on “Mamma mia

  1. @Nelson: mmm, yes sometimes I drink, you know, to forget :mrgreen: no, the problem I have with drinks is that they make me sleepy

    @ilGrisa: you’re nasty! of course I meant Brad Pitt and with original I meant extravagant: alas original is a false friend for both Italians and Germans 😦 but, come on, don’t bitch too much!

  2. Oh I didn’t mean to bitch about original … and didn’t ever realize it was a false friend. I simply didn’t find the meal you wrote about any original or even extravagant to be honest.
    Ok I’m bitching … now :p

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