This is my favorite songs from the album Language. Sex. Violence. Other? by Stereophonics and I finally found the right moment to use it 😉 I should have written this post yesterday or even the day before, when I was reading about the No Cav Day in Rome and the speech given by Sabina Guzzanti, but I didn’t have much time for my sister was visiting. Non Italian readers probably need a short introduction about the subject. Long story short:

  • Berlusconi is for the third time prime minister of Italy
  • Biggest part of Italian media are more or less under his control
  • Last time he was prime minister he managed to ban at least 2 very popular journalists and 1 comedian from the Italian tv
  • Comedians were forced not to talk about politics
  • Sabina Guzzanti didn’t follow this rule and was banned too
  • Apparently (since the last elections I’m almost alien to Italian politics) some Berlusconi’s phone conversations about this subject were lately intercepted
  • Apparently some new ministers’ phone conversations about how to give Berlusconi a satisfying blow job were intercepted too
  • Funnily, one of them, Mara Carfagna, once known as showgirl and naked model for some men magazines and calendars, is now minister for equal opportunities (her opinions about women and gays, for instance, probably deserve a separate post 😕 )
  • Yesterday the lower chamber of the Italian parliament approved a law to let important politicians, such as the prime minister, immune against any lawsuit

Tuesday some people protested against this law which will protect especially Berlusconi and the speech given by Sabina Guzzanti shocked Italy. Readers who can understand Italian may listen to the whole speech in three parts on youtube: 1st part, 2nd part, 3rd part. For the others, I’m going to quote and translate the parts I appreciated the most :mrgreen:
Sabina is always at her best not when she attacks Berlusconi, which is quite trivial, but when she attacks the left-wing parties, responsible of almost the same bad management and politics.

When we heard that they were forminng a government supported by only 2 more senators than the right-wing parties we thought “mmm, they probably have a plan” but they didn’t, as usual, the only struggled along

Then she spoke about Ratzinger and how unsustainable are his daily attacks against gays. She was great!

In 20 years Ratzinger will be dead, he will be burning in hell and he will be tortured by top gay demons!

:mrgreen: I immediately thought about the tv series Reaper…
But she also had something to say about Italian gays too, who can be, for my experience and personal opinion, the most homophobic:

They accepted, without complaining, to move the gaypride from Rome to Bologna just because in Piazza San Giovanni a group of priests were supposed to have a small concert. Fuck off! would have been the answer in democratic countries.

Actually I can’t really imagine the CSD, even in the catholic Cologne, being canceled or moved for whatever reason.
At some point she finally attacked Berlusconi and Carfagna:

I’m not moralistic, I don’t give a fuck about Berlusconi’s sexual life, but he may not design someone as minister for equal opportunities just because she gave him a blow job! Carfagna, go home!

But the best part came later:

To prepare my shows I ask some of my journalist friends for information about actual problems and I understand them. But if I read newspapers I don’t and f I watch tv I don’t even see where the problems are.