I will survive

During last weekend, as I anticipated in the last post, I’ve been participating to the parade and the party of the 30th Christopher Street Day in Berlin. I had a really great weekend: parties, alcohol (yes, I had some glasses of vodka&orange juice), bears, friends (Krijn was visiting from Amsterdam). It was fun. A bit wet and rainy sometimes, but definitively one of the best CSD so far.

The weekend didn’t start the best way, though, because Christian dumped me. Already. My shortest relationship :mrgreen: Even shorter than the one with Jean-Francois, which ended 2 years ago more or less for the same reasons and in the same way. Luckily, after my Amsterdam-cure, I’m now a bit less dramatic (still queen, tho), which is why I just feel fine, although my pride has been definitively hurt (as if it needed to).
Actually I should understand that being a control freak doesn’t allow me to let someone else take too much part of my life. I couldn’t tolerate any perturbation of the universal order I created in my mind :mrgreen:
If I read my friend Jörg’s blog, I can understand he’s feeling butterflies in his stomach for James, but I recognize how distant for me those emotions are. I’m a loner.
In fact, I’ve recently done the test Which Film Hero Are You Really? and these are the results:

Hannibal Lecter: 79%
Indiana Jones: 75%
James Bond: 74%
Batman / Bruce Wayne: 70%
Jim Levenstein (American Pie): 70%
Tony Montana (Scarface): 66%
Schrek: 66%
Maximus (Gladiator): 66%
Neo (Matrix): 65%
Yoda (Star Wars): 64%
Forrest Gump: 63%
Eric Draven (The Crow): 62%

Quid pro quo Clarice…
Quid pro quo

Without a boyfriend I should have more time to blog and post my pictures on flickr, but at work we are really under pressure. My Finnish is improving, btw :mrgreen: At least much better than my Japanese, alas: after missing 4 classes I guess I need to repeat the module from the start. Luckily I have ilGrisa who is a good 先生 (sensei)… ありがとう ございます!!!
Anyway, I finally found a great tool for me and my blog readers! Please check it out, because this is a great, great idea! Basically it’s an aggregator which shows on a timeline (there is also a calendar view) my status updates on Facebook and twitter, the pictures I posted on flickr, the music tracks I loved on last.fm and, of course, my blog posts. It has been defined as the blogging platform for lazy people. Perfect, simply perfect. Go now to http://haikus.swurl.com and subscribe to the RSS feed!


4 thoughts on “I will survive

  1. Pino, I’m really sorry to hear that things between you and Christian did not work out. It’s always hard to find out that things are not going the way you are hoping they’d go. People told me that I should wait and see, there would be a fantastic man just waiting for me. (As you could see, that came true in my case.) I’m sure that the right man is waiting for you as well. You’ll be fine in a wink of your eye. Then you’ll feel all the butterflies in your tummy that I feel in mine.
    Btw, I did the Which Film Hero Are You Really?-test and guess what? The same names pop up when I do it. Only my number 1 is James Bond. But Hannibal Lecter, Maximus and Yoda are in my list as well.

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