Tired of being an object?

It’s gay pride weekend in Berlin, better known as CSD – Christopher Street’s Day, for obvious reasons. It will be the 30th held in Berlin and for the first time after several years, the parade will change its route: it won’t start at Ku’damm but at the Rotes Rathaus, connecting the former East and West part of the city. Will Wowi be there too? 😉
Speaking about Berlin, I had yesterday a meal with Berliner Bouletten (meatballs) and I proudly bought a barbecue sauce by Heinz (the best) to enjoy them better. Today I discovered I should have boycott Heinz because they accepted to ban this tv ad upon protests of only 200 people:

The actors’ British accent is the only reason I see to ban it :mrgreen: Apparently the GLBT community may at least watch this one instead: