Love is not a competition (but I’m winning)

I really like this song by Kaiser Chiefs, because of the crazy title, the nice melody and the video shot around Central Park.

Actually Central Park is not one of my favorite spots in Manhattan except maybe for Columbus Circle and its impressive Wholefoods store… Mmm 😛
This is anyway a pretest to let you know that I will be in NYC from June 17 to 22: 5 days of… shopping and eating, I guess. I want to buy a tea pot, some tea cups and maybe some Apple products, definitively cheaper in the US than in Germany. iPhone anyone? :mrgreen:
I will definitively visit the MoMA again and I might consider the idea of visiting the Met although I don’t really like museums. IlGrisa will anyway have some plans for me… Mmm… I don’t think so. I’d like to organize a day trip to Philly or Washington DC too but ilGrisa seems to be too busy. Well, we will see, I desperately need a new pin on my US map: NYC is feeling very lonely there.

The other big news is… I have a boyfriend! His name is Christian, originally from Heidelberg but living in Berlin since 2 years ago. Yesterday I even discovered I was the first guy he met here 😳 Well, after we started to go out together again in the last two months we understood we were really interested in building something together. And now? Well, we are still getting to know each other but we enjoy very much the time together.


7 thoughts on “Love is not a competition (but I’m winning)

  1. congretulations on the new boyfriend and we want to know all about him, and pictures ofcourse.

    big hugs

  2. So you booked the ticket – good! Have fun in NYC and all the other places if you are able to see them.
    Say hello to Christian from me!


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