Picture of the day

No song titles today for this short post 🙂 I’ve been just reading Repubblica, as usual, although I’m not really interested in what happens in Italy nowadays, and I found this terrific picture. Two of the men I most despise: both very familiar with controlling, insulting and… killing journalists. One is even mimicking to shoot on a reporter. How tactless 😦 But, as usual, I didn’t expect anything else. Did you?
I’ve been also reading that apparently Berlusconi has been voted by the majority of well educated Italians… This is scary and bleak… As I told before: it’s not Berlusconi, it’s Italy. Hopefully my friends would soon better understand why I won’t ever go back there.


2 thoughts on “Picture of the day

  1. Oh come on! He’s so cool! They’re playing Indians and cowboys with the journalists: they were having fun and everybody was laughing.

    Did he already use this excuse? Can I copy-right it so to ask for the royalties?

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