Famous last words

Some suggestions for the upcoming (tomorrow and Monday) Italian elections:

Yes, we can.


5 thoughts on “Famous last words

  1. Non c’è rosa senza spine, non c’è governo senza Andreotti

    Fantastico non ricordavo questo sketch. Non che sia mai stato un grande appassionato di Totò.

  2. Couldn’t understand it all, of course, but enjoyed the Fantozzi clip. So does yet another Berlusconi era beckon?

  3. It’s impressive how many Italian movies if not about Elections have scenes about it. (Probably even more than about Maturità.)
    Another era shall begin … all hail the king. I find quite nauseating the habit in Italian press to call Berlusconi III or Berlusconi II the third and second government lead by him.
    I would like to believe he will not screw the country more than last time … but I doubt. Seriously doubt.

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