Who’ll stop the rain?

Old and New
Old and New

I’m really busy lately and I don’t have almost time to blog, but I still owe you some informations about my last weeks, my relocation to Berlin and so on. It’s blogging Tuesday!

2nd episode: Lübeck
Last Thursday I caught a cold, as I told you, which is why I spent Friday mainly at home to completely recover. On Saturday I felt fit enough to travel by train to Lübeck as I planned a couple of weeks before. I had a couple of reasons to go there:

  • My Discover the Netherlands project was more or less successful and I wanted to apply the same concept to Germany
  • I particularly love Northern Germany which is easily accessible from Berlin
  • I somehow like all the historical Hansenstädte (cities of the hanseatic league) and Lübeck is the most famous among them
  • I wanted to use my BahnCard a bit more before its expiration :mrgreen:

My visit was definitively rewarded: I originally thought to spend some time in Hamburg too (my favorite German city so far), but I ended enjoying every single minute in Lübeck. The city center is really tiny and surrounded by rivers and canals… Mmm… somehow familiar 🙂 The architecture simply amazing: the best kind of brick Gothic buildings and some modern ones here and there (as you may see in the picture). Unfortunately the weather was really bad: not only cloudy but also damn cold, windy and terribly wet. It only improved when I left the town to travel back to Berlin :mrgreen: My usual luck. Not to mention the fact that Lübeck was mostly barricaded because of a Nazi demonstration and the anti-demo organized by left-wing parties. Anyway, because of the rain I decided to follow a guided tour in the most amazing building: the Rathaus (town hall). The guide was rather boring but at least I had the chance to visit the fantastic interior and see the adjacent square from a different perspective. I also went on top of a church tower from where I took a couple of pictures. Funny was walking towards the Dom (the oldest church in Lübeck): I had to follow, in order, the streets Hölle (hell), Fegefeuer (purgatory) to finally arrive at Paradies (paradise)… For legend lovers, a sweet statue of a devil has been placed close to the Marienkirche:

The courtyard to the south of the church gives an impression of a medieval cityscape with its enclosure, the northern facade of the Lübeck city hall, the office buildings even the St. Mary workhouse. Lübeckan legend provides sparse substantial detail of the sculptural arrangement on the cladding: a large granite cuboid right next to the entrance was not placed there by the church construction crew and forgotten about, it was put there by the devil’s own hand.


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