La notte vola

It’s time to give you more detail about my last busy weeks.

1st episode: ágætis byrjun – an alright start
On Good Friday I had my last working day in Amsterdam and I spent the evening with Krijn, Erik and other friends: we had a delicious dinner and we watched together a TV version of Jesus Christ Superstar

Jesus Christ, Jesus Christ,
Who are you? What have you sacrificed?
Jesus Christ Superstar,
Do you think you’re what they say you are?

Far too soon I had to leave the party to wake up on time on Saturday to catch the train to Berlin. It wasn’t necessary: I didn’t sleep at all that night 😕

My train was punctual and as boring as usual, luckily Jörg and his friend Leo decided to join me on the short journey between Deventer and Hengelo. They made my long trip to Berlin less insufferable. On the way I finally understood the meaning of a huge monument on top of a hill between Osnabrück and Hannover: it’s the Kaiser Wilhelm Denkmal of Porta Westfalica, a town with a mostly Latin name although it has not been founded by Romans.
When I got to Berlin I met Jens who helped me with my heavy luggage on my way to Charlottenburg. We went later to the shop in which his boyfriend Frank works and the three of us had a dinner with another guest (Mark, I think) at their place. Late in the evening we attended a big bear party where I met a lot of old friends: Kai-Uwe, Klaus and Klaus-Peter, Franz, who asked Jens whether he already knew I was in Berlin again :mrgreen: and eventually Christian, a really nice guy from Mannheim who moved a couple of years ago to the capital. I always love to dance with him because he’s definitively uninhibited 😛 He came with a lot of friends, as usual, and one of them caught my attention: a small (1 meter and a strawberry) Austrian cub who totally avoided eye-contact with me 😀 On Sunday I was planning to clean my flat and look for the missing note with which I could have picked up my parcels at the post office: it was supposed to be on my kitchen table but somehow lost by my roomer (I won’t ever hate him enough). During a lazy moment I chatted with Christian and I let him explain who his cute friend was, his roommate, and he invited me for a coffee in the afternoon. At the same time Maurice, very spontaneously, as usual, wanted to visit me in Berlin. This is how we both ended visiting Christian… We ate some Königsberger Klopse, we spent the afternoon together and then we went to the busy Shöneberger bars in the evening.

On Easter Monday we were still all together but unfortunately Maurice and Frank (Christian’s best friend) had to leave to go back to Hannover and Heidelberg respectively. I also finally went home to be prepared for the big cleaning Tuesday… Of course I didn’t know that cleaning would have been the last of my problems. My roomer told me at the phone that, as far as he understood from the note he lost, I should have found my parcels at the post office close to my flat. Early in the morning I went there to discover that the office… wasn’t there anymore :mrgreen: I soon understood that it has been moved in the shopping mall recently open on Wilmersdorferstraße. Unfortunately they didn’t have any parcel for me, I also went to the other two post offices close by, with the same sad result. I was so discouraged that only Manfred’s visit cheered me up.

Wednesday wasn’t really different: lot of calls to look for my parcels, stress, sadness… But on Thursday my colleague Sanne from Amsterdam called the Dutch post and discovered that one of my neighbor actually received my parcels. Unfortunately none of my neighbors’ names were the one Sanne told me 😦 Which is why I just left a note on the entrance door:

If you have two parcels for me please ring my bell or call me

After just 10 minutes I had my parcels 😛 and a cold…


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