Although I promised I wouldn’t have been sorry again for not blogging regularly, I really have to apologize again. Actually, I’m still not going to blog a lot today because I’m almost off to the cinema :mrgreen: Long story short: when I arrived in Berlin I’ve been busy at some parties, then I met my friends Christian and Maurice and some other new people, Manfred, for instance, whom I’m sorta dating, or, I don’t exactly know… it just happened that we were both in holiday last week and we luckily met very often. Indeed, I didn’t want to be alone when I almost had a mental breakdown for my parcels from Amsterdam have been somehow lost… Luckily I found them again on Thursday, thanks to my Dutch colleagues who were able to investigate better with the Dutch post. That was exactly the moment when I got sick, alas. I stayed mostly in bed to recover and go on Saturday to Lübeck as planned. On Sunday I was invited by Desi to her son’s first communion celebrations. Beside the nice weekend, I should admit that my supposed holiday was kind of a nightmare 😕 Today I started working for Plazes… My boss is unfortunately sick but everything looks fine.