Living well is the best revenge

This is my last day in Amsterdam, oh my god, I’m starting to realize it 😕 All my colleagues are shacking my hand and wishing good luck for my second Berlin experience. Berlin 2.0, in any sense. They just gave me a group picture and a box full of Dutch products I won’t find in Germany: sate saus, pindakaas (peanut butter is worldwide available, I know, but the Dutch one is somehow better), dropjes, schudde buikjes and so on… So sweet! Yesterday I had a delicious dinner with Erik at Café de Jaren and I also got some presents 😛 which I really appreciated, especially North Pole Camouflage, for it has a particular meaning… This evening I’ll participate to a Easter party at Krijn’s and I’m supposed to paint some eggs as part of a competition: will I win the prize?

Because I’m moving, I’m not sure how fast I’ll be back blogging… just stay tuned!


5 thoughts on “Living well is the best revenge

  1. Amsterdam’s loss is our gain here in Berlin. Were you given a second inflatable man to keep the first one company?

  2. Pino, too bad we loose you here in Amsterdam but I sure do hope you will find lots of love, happiness and luck in Berlin. I look forward to follow your life adventures here and elsewhere on the web and hopefully one day we’ll meet somewhere 😉
    Have a great trip back “home” and get there safely.
    I’m curious whether you were the lucky winner…? Frohe Eier… ähem, Ostern! 😀

  3. The sate sauce…my Goodness! How could I stay without it? NOOOO WAAAAY, man! 🙂
    And what about the poffertjes??? (
    Despite Berlin is a wonderful city, I really prefer Amsterdam…more quite, smaller, Amsterdam gives more the sense of intimacy…

    Amsterdam is a small, big village, made of silences, soft lights and a foggy sun…

  4. I can’t stand the poffertjes, sorry 😉
    De gustibus non disputandum est, you know, this is also true regarding the city where one wants to live.
    Probably, if I lived in Amsterdam first, I would have enjoyed it much more, but I have to say that Berlin suits me best.
    I don’t share but I understand how you see Amsterdam except for only one thing: made of silences? 😕

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