Until the day is done

On Saturday I went to the post office to send two heavy parcels to Berlin: let me call it the first part of my relocation. The second and last one will take place on Saturday 22nd, when I’ll travel to Germany by train.

In the afternoon I visited the bookshop on Koningsplein to buy a book (what else?) and get a free ticket for traveling by train in the Netherlands on Sunday: apparently also English books were part of the offer and I bought a super tiny travel guide to Tallinn (I’m going to visit with Elisa in June) :mrgreen: Later I met my Dutch course classmates at the Japanese restaurant AN (あん). We had a really good dinner! The food is tasty but not too pricey, the service excellent and the place is already smoke free :mrgreen: My big bowl of rice with sashimi slices was definitively the best I’ve eaten in the Netherlands so far.

Although the weather on Sunday was quite bad, I went by train to Zwolle where I met Jörg with whom I planned an afternoon in Groningen, a city in the north, the Lonely Planet guide suggests to visit. I wanted to go as far as possible from Amsterdam to take the most out of the free ticket; unfortunately I wasn’t the only one with this brilliant idea and we didn’t find any place to sit down for most of the journey 😦 I’ve not been disappointed by Groningen: a very nice and sweet Dutch city with some remarkable spots and impressive hofjes… However, I didn’t see any added value to my previous visits around this country. The bad weather, the closed shops and few people around didn’t really help either. On the other hand I really had good time gossiping and strolling around with Jörg and later having a good dinner at Wagamama :mrgreen: I’m so addicted to those restaurants that I even bought a t-shirt this time. I think it’s a very nice red, isn’t it?


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