Human nature

Yesterday I eventually went to the company’s dinner at Café van Zuylen although I didn’t feel very good yet: it was more or less the last chance to have a nice time with all the other area managers and to meet the new who are going to start in April. Unfortunately only Sebastian, a very pleasant French guy, could join us while the Finnish girl was sick. Too bad. Surprisingly I felt really good when I entered the restaurant and even if I avoided shellfishes&co. I had a rather good meal: a pumpkin soup and… kipsate… you know, I enjoy it while I can :mrgreen: After dinner we obviously started to talk about the most stupid topics like the people within the company that we find attractive or the number of different sexual partners we had so far…

Luckily I’m leaving the company because I never felt so promiscuous before. Timo, my boss, teased us by saying that a gay friend of his had sex with n different partners (I’m not reporting any number here). I was very shocked because n was a really high number

n\gg 1

until Timo specified his age

a_n\lesssim 40

My natural reaction was to say that the guy was just slightly over average because I’m almost 30 and even if I couldn’t precisely count my number, I wouldn’t be surprise if it would be two fifth of n.

a_m\lesssim 30

Everybody was shocked 😯 , especially Sveta who asked my colleagues what they felt an average number could have been considered normal. Even the most promiscuous answer was lower than one third of my rough calculation 😕


I never felt so uncomfortable… Sveta even said:

I’ve been raised atheist and I feel guiltier
than you who have been raised catholic!

Yes… Luckily I’m leaving this company soon :mrgreen: