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Yesterday around 4 o’clock in the morning I suddenly woke up very dizzy and disoriented, my room was spinning and I wanted to throw up… Unfortunately for me, after half an hour I was still unable to vomit and my stomach felt like a big stone😕 I couldn’t remember a more awful feeling. I even thought to give up oral sex because, apparently, sticking two finger in my throat didn’t sort out any remarkable effect:mrgreen: Luckily I could get anyway some sleep later but when I woke up in the morning I just texted my boss I couldn’t go to work… This is how I had a day off yesterday. Today I’m back at work but still not completely recovered yet😦 and I’m not sure whether to join my colleagues at the dinner party this evening.

Yesterday I also accidentally listened to the soundtrack of the anime Nana… It hurts… It really hurts… I’m definitively missing Nana and Hachi and their problems which are mine…

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