Mr. writer

Last Sunday I didn’t only meet my classmates but I also went to the concert of Stereophonics at Heineken Music Hall. I eventually managed to see their own show: several years ago, for instance, I went to the Heineken Jammin’ Festival (this beer is everywhere! 😕 ) but they performed just a couple of songs because the stupid audience was only waiting for Vasco Rossi and empty plastic bottle were thrown on the stage; after a couple of years they canceled their gig in Milan because Linate airport was closed for security reasons. But all these years waiting to see Kelly (aka The Dwarf) and his band were rewarded by their flawless performance last Sunday. Definitively one of the best concerts I’ve ever attended: the sound was great, the voice sexy and mesmerizing as I was expecting. I was very surprised by It Means Nothing which is much better performed live than recorded in studio. They played a lot of old songs and unfortunately they neglected my favorite album, except for the solo version of Maybe Tomorrow for which I had goosebumps… I can’t wait to see them again!

Did we lose ourselves again?
Do we take in what’s been said?
Do we take the time to be
All the things we said we’d be
And we bury heads in sand
But my future’s in my hands
It means nothing
It means nothing